fbpx Finding Myself
Authored by Nexus Family Healing on March 8, 2022

Eric and Jeremie’s son, Dan, first experienced mental health challenges in middle school. As things became more difficult, their family sought out support. 

“Trying to help your child with a mental illness is tough,” says Eric. “You want to think that because you love them you can do whatever they need to take care of the problem, but we struggled. It became a life-or-death situation. We were terrified.” 

Dan explained, “It’s like feeling alone in a huge crowd – you can be with as many friends as possible, but you feel like you are alone in the world.” 

The family tried several options before finding Nexus-Gerard. “The difference was being able to stay on the campus where he could have support around him all the time,” says Jeremie. “We were part of his recovery and Nexus helped us learn how to support him when he returned home.” 

“It’s changed our whole family dynamic,” says Eric. Jeremie adds, “Dan is doing amazingly well, and my other kids see how strong he is and what he has overcome.” 

“Nexus helped me find myself – and finding yourself is one of the most important things,” says Dan. “Now I have a great career, great life, amazing friends, and the most supportive family you can imagine. And when I’m feeling sad, I reach out.”

“Nexus helped guide us and gave us the tools to rebuild our family.” - Jeremie