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I am so proud of the work our team does in serving youth and adults in crisis through our progressive and trauma-informed care approach.
Carly White, Operations Manager
What is the Southeast Regional Crisis Center?

Southeast Regional Crisis Center's front of building in Rochester, MN

The Southeast Regional Crisis Center (SERCC) is a 24/7 walk-in crisis care center for your urgent mental health needs. The center provides a calm, safe and welcoming environment. You'll receive immediate help from compassionate staff who are experts in crisis, trauma, and mental health care.

SERCC is open 24 hours a day with no appointment necessary. We help to stabilize your immediate crisis, and develop integrated plans for ongoing care you may need when you leave the center.

The Southeast Regional Crisis Center is operated by Nexus Family Healing, experts in trauma-informed care, systemic family treatment, and mental health crisis care.

Crisis Intervention Services

Located in Rochester, MN the Southeast Regional Crisis Center (SERCC) is available 24/7 for face-to-face crisis intervention. No appointment needed. Simply call SERCC directly at 507-322-3019 or walk-in. All services start with an assessment and care is individualized from there.

If you, or a loved one, are experiencing a mental health crisis, our doors are always open, to connect you with the care and compassion you deserve. 

The Southeast Regional Crisis Center team outside the front of the building

Short-Term Residential Services

SERCC also houses short-term residential facilities for those that need a brief stay to get life back on track. With 16 beds, the center has separate units for adults and youth (ages 10-18), has nursing services, individual and group counseling, and care coordination upon discharge. The facility is connected to the crisis center making for an easy transition for those who need extended services.

School services and family interaction are incorporated for youth that stay at SERCC. We are experts in youth and families and use evidence-based practices and trauma-informed methods.

Crisis Bridging Services

For our clients who need follow up care after a crisis intervention and who don’t already have services established in the community, we offer the following services at SERCC: 

  • Brief Intervention Psychotherapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Adult and Youth Psychiatry

These services will be recommended and coordinated during your time at SERCC.

When to Seek Services

Life can be overwhelming. If you or a loved one is experiencing difficulties managing anxiety or depression, or are experiencing suicidal ideation, our team can help. Our mental health practitioners will assess your situation and coordinate the care you need which may include creating a safety plan, de-escalation and stabilization services, or even recommend a short stay in our residential wing to get you back on track. Seek help with any of the following:

  • Rapid mood swings
  • Trouble coping with everyday life
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Irrational thoughts
  • Withdrawing from typically attended social situations
  • Changes in diet, routine, hygiene
  • Hard time communicating thoughts and feelings
  • Stating intent for self-harm

Our facility is designed specifically for mental health care. Avoid a trip to the emergency department and get the direct help you need with managing your mental health before it becomes a crisis. Call or walk in to our clinic without an appointment, or call the national or local crisis hotlines.

SERCC direct line:  507-322-3019
Local SE Minnesota Crisis Hotline:  1-844-274-7472
National Crisis Hotline: 9-8-8

Southeast Regional Crisis Center

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