fbpx A Cry For Help
Authored by Nexus Family Healing on March 8, 2022

Sara* is young and afraid. At just 15 years old she struggles daily with mental illness, and her nights are filled with faceless, headless monsters in the form of hallucinations. Sara’s family had exhausted all resources available in their small Minnesota town and were running out of options. On one bad night, they found the Southeast Regional Crisis Center (SERCC)

SERCC, a collaboration of 10 counties and community partners, recently opened in Rochester, Minnesota, to support children and adults through mental health crises. As operators of the facility, our Nexus Family Healing staff welcomed Sara and her family into the brand new facility.

After talking, our team determined it would be best for Sara to spend a few days in the residential crisis unit to keep her safe and receive the immediate professional support she needed. This also provided her parents a break while working with our team to develop a plan for Sara’s care once she returned home. 

Children and adults alike are experiencing more mental health challenges than ever before. Nexus Family Healing is committed to making the right care available at the right time. We’re doing our part to fill the gaps that exist in our mental health care system. Together, with our partners and supporters, we will work diligently to ensure that no one is left behind during this crisis. 

*Names and other details have been changed to maintain privacy.