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At Nexus-FACTS we pride ourselves on serving families in our community when and where they need us most.
Nicole Mucheck, Executive Director
Our Approach to Therapy

Getting therapy early can prevent more intense issues in the future, so we’re here to support you where you are when you need it. Our team of licensed therapists at Nexus-FACTS (Family, Adolescents, and Children's Therapy Services) is specially trained in trauma and stress, and we’re committed to helping families stay together, heal, grow, and move forward. We’re here to support the child and the family.

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Our Therapy Programs

Outpatient Mental Health Therapy

Birth to Adult

Our team of licensed therapists at Nexus-FACTS (Family, Adolescents, and Children’s Therapy Services) is specially trained in trauma and stress, and we’re committed to helping our clients heal and grow as well as keeping families together. We’re here to support youth, families, and adults.

Offering in-person, in-home, and telehealth options.

Our evidence-based practices include:

  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)
  • EMDR
  • Play therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Family Therapy

Collaborate Intensive Bridging Services (CIBS)

(Ages 8-17)

Our Collaborate Intensive Bridging Services is based on the concept that a child is best treated with their family in the home. This treatment model involves a combination of intensive in-home therapy and a brief placement in an intensive treatment center. Best suited for youth 8-17 with aggression/fighting, self-harm, depression, truancy, theft, and more.

Our program is designed to help:

  • Stabilize the child’s behavior so they can live at home and access community-based services.
  • Equip parents to support their child and the rest of the family.
  • Improve the family’s ability to manage a crisis.
  • Streamline services and minimize the confusion of having multiple service providers across differing stages of treatment.

Families in this program experience a three-part approach, over the course of six to nine months:

  1. First, we provide therapy to the child and family in their home or another community setting to help prepare them for residential treatment.

  2. While the child is in a residential treatment placement (usually for 30–45 days), we provide in-home therapy to support and equip the family.

  3. And finally, after the child returns home, we continue to provide in-home therapy to the child and family, to support a smooth transition and ongoing success.

Parents who choose to participate must be willing to stay involved with their child’s treatment program—and with their own therapy as well. This includes engaging with their child during their residential treatment (calls, home visits, therapy sessions, etc.) and participating in in-home therapy before, during, and after the stay.

Early Childhood Therapy

(Ages 0-5)

We specialize in supporting small children (ages 0-5) and their families who struggle with emotional and behavioral disturbances caused by mental health disorders, neurological vulnerabilities, and traumatic experiences, including abuse, neglect, exposure to domestic violence, exposure to drugs or alcohol, disrupted attachments to adults, and significant changes in the family.

Services may be in our Mendota Heights office, in-home, or via telehealth depending on the family’s needs. Early childhood programs include:

  • Outpatient Therapy
  • Trauma Informed Play Therapy
  • Parent-Child Therapy
  • Parent Support Groups

Intensive Home-Based Services

(Ages 0 to 17)

When needed, we provide intensive, in-home, family-focused services for youth ages 8 to 17 who have significant emotional and behavioral problems. Our treatment approach is called Systemic Family Therapy (SFT), which helps address depression, anxiety, oppositional behavior, abuse, trauma, delinquency, and more.

We also provide intensive treatment for children ages 0 to 17 who are in foster care. We work with the children as well as their foster parents and birth/adoptive families.

Our Community Programs

Family Response & Stabilization Services

(Ages 5-18)

We provide immediate, in-person support and stabilization for youth ages 5-18 and their parents/caregivers in Hennepin County.  Learn more about our Family Response & Stabilization Services.

Youth Care Transition Program

(Youth; Ages up to 18)

We provide two tracks of coordinated services and transition support for youth with complex needs who need to transition to a more appropriate level of service. The team helps move youth move out of metro area emergency rooms and Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities in Minnesota.  Learn more about our Youth Care Transition program.


Our Therapists

Greta Baumer

Greta Baumer

Mental Health Practitioner III
Maya Brown

Maya Brown

SFT Therapist / Mental Health Practitioner II
Nicole Doerrmann

Nicole Doerrmann

Clinical Supervisor II
Sharis Gutierrez Herrera

Sharis Gutierrez Herrera

Mental Health Practitioner
Julie Jackson, LPCC

Julie Jackson, LPCC

Licensed Professional Therapist / Mental Health Practitioner I
Max Meketarian, MA

Max Meketarian, MA

In-home Therapist / Mental Health Practitioner II
Jessie Molitor.

Jessie Molitor

SFT Therapist/Mental Health Practitioner III
Sarah Peterson

Sarah Peterson

Mental Health Practitioner

Scheduling and Fees


For outpatient therapy, sessions may be scheduled in various time increments based on need or preference. A 24-hour notice for cancellations is requested.
For community-based therapy, as referred by county social services or corrections, please discuss scheduling with your therapist and your county worker.


For outpatient therapy, please call 651-379-9800 to discuss the rates for our services. Sessions are billed by the therapeutic hour (50 minutes).
Payment or co-pays (depending on your insurance coverage) are due at the time of service. Cash, personal checks, and Visa/MasterCard/Discover are accepted. Other payment methods accepted include Insurance payment options.

Charges for out-of-office work, travel time, and telephone consultation will be billed to you at the next session and payment will be required at that time. Routine calls fewer than 10 minutes and time spent scheduling appointments will not be billed to you. For community-based therapy, as referred by county social services or corrections, please discuss fees and payments with your therapist and your county worker. 

Good Faith Estimate Client Notice

Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports

Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports is a comprehensive set of mental health services available for youth and their families who meet State of MN defined criteria. These youth are on Medical Assistance through the State of MN or a Prepaid Medical Assistance Plan (PMAP) through certain insurance providers.


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