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Aspen House allows youth an opportunity to take a breath, stabilize, and re-evaluate their next steps – with hopefully some healing and some fun along the way.
Adam Arnold, Clinical Director
What Is Aspen House?

Located in Mendota Heights, MN, Aspen House is a community-based short-term shelter for youth ages 11-18 who temporarily need a safe place to live. Youth in our care have private bedrooms and access to educational and mental health services during their stay.

Started in partnership with Dakota and Washington Counties, Aspen House now serves youth from all counties in Minnesota. Referrals from county workers are required. Aspen House is staffed 24/7.

Who We Serve

Aspen House provides a safe space to stay for youth ages 11-18 who are temporarily displaced but don’t require emergency department services or a locked facility. Youth may stay up to 90 days.

Our Approach

Aspen House not only provides temporary housing but also includes recreational activities, educational instruction, coordination with outside supports, stabilization services, and on-going connections with family support systems. Although not a treatment center, care may incorporate mental health assessments and services.

Through a partnership with Intermediate School District 197, youth staying at Aspen House attend school onsite. Music, art, cultural, and physical activities along with regular outings are all a part of our educational focus and build a sense of community for the youth in our care.

To encourage youth to be fully present and to ensure their safety, electronics are limited for youth during their stay at Aspen House. External cell phones, laptops, tablets, and all other electronics that can connect to the internet are prohibited.

Our goal is to help youth return to a safe, permanent home.

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Who Can Make A Referral?

Aspen House is not a drop-in shelter. County workers in Minnesota must make the referral for youth who are appropriate for placement. County workers can make direct referrals by filling out this form or calling 651-447-4090. 


All referrals will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. A youth may be turned down due to:

  • Current physical aggression.
  • Current active suicidal ideation that can’t be mitigated.
  • Elopement risk.
  • Active substance use.
  • Unable to be independent with activities of daily living (ADL).
  • Use of injectable medicines that can’t be self-administered (other than EpiPen).
  • No smoking, chewing, or vaping is allowed on the premises.

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