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Shannon Amundson, Executive Director
Our Approach to Treatment

Nexus residential programs are designed to keep your family engaged throughout the treatment process—and to ensure you’re wrapped with all the support you need during this difficult time. While we’re helping your child build skills and stability in their lives, we’ll also help the rest of your family deal with the impact of trauma and mental health issues.

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Our Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility

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Nexus-East Bethel provides individualized, trauma-informed psychiatric residential treatment (PRTF) services for all-gender youth ages 10-19 with significant mental and behavioral health issues. At Nexus-East Bethel, youth experience a safe environment that provides on-campus education, individualized programing and therapy and recreational opportunities.

Acceptance Process

For a youth to be considered for admissions, a diagnostic assessment must have been completed within the last 180 days and referral agents must complete a DHS -7696 Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) Eligibility for Admission form.

  • If DHS 7696 form is approved, Nexus-East Bethel is notified.
  • Nexus-East Bethel admissions team will then review for consideration.
  • While an admissions decision is being made, we recommend completing the additional necessary forms.
  • If a youth is accepted into Nexus-East Bethel, our admissions coordinator will then set an admission date with all necessary parties to begin the admissions process.
  • If a youth is not accepted into our program, our admissions coordinator will inform the referral agent of that decision.

Contact us with any admissions-related questions. 

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