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Coping With Holiday Stress

For many in today’s fast-paced world, the holidays are not story-book perfect. Long distances, poor health, and finances keep some families and loved ones apart. For others, the holidays are filled with financial pressures and multiple stressors. While many negative emotions can be felt leading up to and during the holiday season, there is equal opportunity and promise for positive emotions, too. Here are a few positive thoughts to help make the holidays better.
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At Home Tips for Seasonal Depression

For those suffering from seasonal depression, or ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’ (SAD), the oncoming of fall and winter can negatively impact their lives more than just the inconveniences of cold weather, snow, and icy conditions. Here are some at-home solutions you can try.
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A Grateful Mindset

Gratitude can reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, and make us more resilient. It also fosters our relationships, even difficult ones. It floods your heart with warmth, changes the way you think, and allows you to let go of tensions. Focusing on gratitude will shift your perspective on life, and with practice, becomes a gratitude mindset.
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What Teens Need: Parenting Both the Inner Child and the Emerging Young Adult in Your Teenager

Am I doing anything right? This question could easily be muttered by my teenagers or by me. Daily. Hourly. Parenting teenagers is no easy feat, especially parenting teens with traumatic backgrounds. Learning to parent your teenager's inner child while they emerge as a young adult can help you navigate this difficult stage.
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Adoption Necessities

Through the journey of knowledge, bravery, and strength, the child and adoptive family make a significant and meaningful impact on one another. The child and adoptive family allow for vulnerability in getting to know each other and open their hearts to begin a new chapter together.
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Helping Your Anxious Child

Anxiety can be the most overwhelming feeling as it causes us to imagine the different things that could happen if what we fear comes true. In parenting, your job with an anxious child is to help them through the experience and not avoid it.
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8 Reasons to Foster Teens

A common misconception of teenagers in foster care is they did something bad or wrong to end up there, but many teens end up in foster care at no fault of their own. Just like any other age group, teens in foster care want a secure, loving family. There are several benefits of becoming a foster parent that are unique to this age group. 
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Staying Healthy When You’re Stretched Thin

Let’s talk about self-care for foster parents, shall we? It’s a hot topic that is beautiful and necessary in theory and often feels impossible in practice. When each day is unpredictable, especially as many of our children deal with night terrors and other nighttime disturbances, how do we find the time and mental, physical, and emotional space to take care of ourselves?
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Domestic Violence: Impact on Families, Children, and Communities

The month of October recognizes Domestic Violence Awareness. The one thing that is always true is domestic violence spans across family systems and impacts not only the survivor and their families but for communities, too. No matter the definition, domestic violence is much more than two words.
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Suicide Warning Signs

People who are thinking of ending their life often exhibit one or more warning signs, either through what they say or what they do. There usually is not one clear reason for why someone may feel suicidal or that suicide is the only answer to their problems. Suicide is preventable and knowing the warning signs allows us to help those around us who may be feeling hopeless.