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Burnout and Your Shadow Mission; Staying Out of Your Shadow Mission

The mental health field has some of the most stressful work environments, with the highest turnaround rates reaching up to 37 percent for mental health workers. Staff experience burnout for all kinds of reasons – and sometimes without even realizing it. Knowing your mission and shadow mission can help you identify and navigate possible burnout. So what is a shadow mission?
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Our Top 5 Blogs from 2021

Our readers had a lot on their minds last year, from supporting loved ones to staying positive through the ongoing pandemic. Many of our blogs focused on self-care and gratitude, a topic that is as relevant as ever for parents and caregivers and our world’s increasingly burnt-out workforce.
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Managing Depression

Depression is treatable and you can feel better. Try to take one small step towards feeling better today. Here are some ways to manage and improve symptoms and help those you care about, including yourself.
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Walking Through the Stages of Grief

Grief isn’t just about death – it is a loss of relationships, activities, traditions, routines, and ways of life. As you think about how your life has changed over the past 22 months, there is no doubt in my mind that you have witnessed or experienced a loss that you can grieve. While our losses may look and feel different, I encourage you to walk through the stages of grief, so that you can experience the relief and appreciation that acceptance can bring.
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Take Them for a Drive

To many, adolescent and teen boys are a mystery. They are trying to find their place in the pecking order of the world. They are defining manhood, “trying out” the different types of men they’ve seen in society, and how they want to be defined. So how do you communicate with adolescent boys? Take them for a drive.
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Getting Good at Feeling

Are the holidays bringing emotional “gifts” to you like they are to me? Feeling responsible for others’ happiness? Trying to create a perfect holiday? Let’s see if we can unwrap some of those gifts and let them move through us, perhaps off into the ether. We might find that some of them aren’t ours to keep after all.
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Gifting Self-Care Never Goes Out of Style

The holidays tend to get people in the spirit of giving. You might be preparing a list of gifts to give, scheduling time to host or attend dinner parties, or arranging travel itineraries to see your loved ones. It is common to go out of your way during the holiday season to show family, loved ones, friends, and co-workers that you care about them. Gift giving and holiday festivities should be fun and joyful. But if you feel yourself getting overly stressed, take a step back and prioritize the most meaningful pieces of your holiday — one of those being your own wellbeing.
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Loving Up Close

Foster and adoptive care is the epitome of living and loving up close. It’s feet to the ground, money-where-our-mouths-are, real investment type of work. There is nothing more real than welcoming a child, teen, or young adult into your home and walking a healing journey with them.
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The Power of Human Connection

In October, I was able to experience a joyous and long-awaited occasion - a three-day in-person retreat. It became evident that Zoom can never replace the connectedness that results from spending time with another person. As the days get shorter and people tend to go into hibernation mode, there is a risk that the loneliness people already feel will be exacerbated and raised to new levels. I ask you to join me in combatting loneliness by being a “reach out warrior.”
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Hygiene and Mental Health

Personal hygiene is a subject that is often not discussed on a daily basis. Typically, hygiene is overlooked as we often assume that everyone does things in similar ways or have similar levels of frequency. However, hygiene can often be the first sign of the start of mental health issues.