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Women and two children who have been in foster homes

Fostering Gratitude

I am not a foster parent. I am an adoptive parent and an adoption professional. I am licensed for foster care only for the purposes of adoption. The children that entered my home had already been in foster placements and came to us as a new family member. Each mom and each dad, all the siblings and even the pets, have made an impact on my child and I am forever grateful to foster parents and the work they do!
A women struggling with mental health

When Is It a Mental Health Crisis?

We all have good and bad mental health days. When our mental health suffers, it affects our ability to think, feel, and act. Any one of us can experience a mental health crisis and crises can be triggered by certain events such as job loss, school pressures, or a break-up; death of a loved one; financial insecurity; medication changes; physical, sexual, or verbal abuse; or trauma.
Mother and daughter organizing the family calendar

How You Can Manage Stress in Your Daily Life

As we try to navigate the events of the past year, it is no wonder we are all experiencing added stress in our lives. Managing stress takes work, but if done regularly, you will feel like the stress coming in your life is more manageable. The goal is not to eliminate stress, but to deal with it more effectively through small shifts in your thinking, actions, and behaviors.
Planting in the garden

What’s Growing in Your Lawn?

As we watch spring emerge this year, the contrast between the changes that happen to us and around us, and ones that we make happen are in clear relief. Throughout our organization we are taking stock of what we are emerging with this spring – figuring out what to keep and what to weed out. So many changes this past year have felt like they happened to us. Now the question is what are changes we want to make? At Nexus Family Healing, we are examining the culture we have and determining the culture we want. 
A couple talking to their foster licensing worker via zoom

The Journey to Foster Parenting

The journey to foster parenting is so special and worth it. I see struggling families daily through my work at a nonprofit agency. I see the generational cycle of poverty and trauma. I see how this affects children and often ask why we can’t do something about this.
Parents helping child with distance learning

Parents Feeling the Pressure

Distance learning has evoked anxiety not only in students, but in their parents and caregivers. Many parents are expressing feelings of failing their student when seeing grades drop, as well as feeling responsible for their child’s increased anxiety around school. Just know that you are not alone. Here are some quick tips to try the next time you are feeling overwhelmed, worried, or stressed.
A women feeling supported

How Can You Be Trauma-Informed?

We can all practice being trauma-informed in our daily life by walking into any interaction with an open and curious mind. If we approach every human interaction with the understanding that we don't know what this person has been through or what they're currently dealing with, it opens the door for a better conversation and relationship.
Image of a family holding hands in a park

The Place between Foster Care and Forever

Our call to adoption started with when my mother fostered children while I was growing up. I never understand why she did it until 10 years later after I attended a foster parent training. It is not always easy, but we can no longer imagine our world any other way.
Photo of an adult putting a face mask on a little girl in a school gym

Your Child and School Anxiety

This school year has been unlike any other with all of the unexpected challenges and unknowns. It is normal for your child to feel unexpected increased anxiety about school. Here are five steps to help your child feel more confident and in control when heading back to school.
Social Work

Finding Fulfilment in Social Work

March is National Social Work Month and we are celebrating all of the social workers and the important work they do. Vicki Senesac, a Therapist at Nexus-Indian Oaks Family Healing, shares her story on why she switched careers to make an immediate difference in the lives of young people.