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An adult woman holding open a book with a child sitting in front of the adult reading the book.

Child Abuse Books Reading List

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Here at Nexus Family Healing, our employees, therapists, and foster parents continuously work with youth who have experienced different types of trauma, which often include abuse or neglect. We’ve compiled a list of books that speak about child abuse and trauma that may be fitting for children of different ages. 
Child looking out a window.

Understanding Childhood Trauma

You may have heard phrases such as “childhood trauma” or “traumatic experience”. But what really is trauma? And how does it affect us? Unfortunately, childhood trauma is incredibly common as one in four children in our community will experience a traumatic event before the age of 16.
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National Day of Silence

The National Day of Silence started as a student-led protest in the 1990s where LGBTQ+ students and allies take a vow of silence to protest the harmful effects of harassment and education discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community. Take a look at this event's history and how you can celebrate it.

Childhood Trauma Is Not Just a Mental Health Problem

Exposure to continuous trauma causes the body’s alarm system to be easily triggered, releasing stress hormones that interfere with reasoning and activate that flight, fight, or freeze response. Children cannot learn or get along with friends or family members when living in a constant state of fight, flight or freeze. Rather, their goal is to survive.
Young woman sitting outside next to a tree with her head in her hand, looking depressed.

It’s Spring – So Why Aren’t You Happy?

Over the past several years humanity has learned how to become resilient in isolation. Many of our face-to-face interactions and relationships were severed during COVID and as a result, we have developed long-term habitual loneliness. So how do we recover? To state it simply, a first step is "do then feel".
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Finding Fulfillment in Social Work

March is National Social Work Month and we are celebrating all of the social workers and the important work they do. Vicki Senesac, a Therapist at Nexus-Indian Oaks Family Healing, shares her story on why she switched careers to make an immediate difference in the lives of young people.
Emergency kit materials

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness for Your Family’s Mental and Physical Health

Natural and man-made disasters in recent news can cause stress, especially for children. As a parent, it’s important to remember that your reactions to these disasters can impact the way your child views the world around them. Remain calm, give yourself time to process and create a plan that works for your family.
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Spring Cleaning? Don't Forget Your Brain.

I love the idea of waves of fluid pulsing through my brain as I sleep, restoring and refreshing it. This image has led me to think of other things that can also refresh, restore, and clean out my brain—wondering about ways to “spring clean” my outlook and to release my grip on unneeded waste.
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Building Self-Esteem and Self-Love

In this month of love and romance, we often forget one of the most important kinds of love – loving yourself. We share some tips and tricks on how to help build your self-esteem and learn to love yourself.   
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How To Love Through Hard Times

If you or someone you know experiences painful memories this time of year, check out some of our blogs below to read different perspectives on relationships, learn ways to move past those difficult times, and learn how to continue to give and accept love from others.