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Helping a neighbor

Caution: Being Charitable May Cause Side Effects

It’s that time of year where there is a great push for charitable donations but in reality charitable giving has decreased. Even the smallest gifts like waving to your neighbor, or paying for the person's food behind you can make a tremendous impact. It is true that in the act of being charitable, one always receives far more than one gives. Pass it on!

Adoption Necessities

Through the journey of knowledge, bravery, and strength, the child and adoptive family make a significant and meaningful impact on one another. The child and adoptive family allow for vulnerability in getting to know each other and open their hearts to begin a new chapter together.
Two friends having a conversation

Maintaining Relationships through Respectful Conversations

Today's world comes with its fair share of challenges which can make it difficult to connect with one another. Active listening, processing out loud, and accepting things we cannot change are techniques we can use to help us communicate in respectful and productive ways.
Parents and children's hands holding a house

Minnesota Is Waiting for Families

In Minnesota there are 733 children waiting for families. Foster families play a critical role as many children in foster care have experienced trauma during their critical developmental years.
Touching hands through a window

The Pandemic

This pandemic has truly impacted everyone but in reality most of this is out of our control. The support of others during these times can really make a huge difference.
Martial Artist Breaking a Board

Flip the Board

We have all made accommodations over the past several months that have moved from imaginative to frustrating to numbing. Margaret Vimont reflects on the small changes she's made in relief and self-care that open up a new pathway. 
Adults comforting a parent

Empathy Is Essential in Residential Treatment

We are quick to judge parents, even when we don’t know the backstory. In residential treatment, we work hard to recognize the parent’s effort in trying to find help for their child, no matter how they show up throughout the treatment process.
Father playing with son

Why Is Caregiver Involvement Important in Child Therapy?

It is very important for the caregiver to be involved in their child's therapy. As the caregiver you provide the most treatment, your therapist needs your input, and the therapists are here to support you.
The Cornerstone Café

One Cup at a Time

The Cornerstone Café serves as a vocational program of Nexus-Onarga Family Healing where youth in residence build real-world skills by applying, interviewing, training and working at the café.

Rewriting the Story

Fostering or adopting a child can be one of the most rewarding experiences as you help a child rewrite the story of their future. We sat down with Melissa Moore, a foster and adoptive parent for Nexus-Kindred Family Healing, to ask her what rewriting the story means to her and her family.