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The Top Five Myths of Foster Care

There are many myths about becoming foster parents that people believe to be true. Some of these myths may even stop an amazing potential foster family from inquiring because they do not believe they would qualify.


The Elements of Wellbeing

We all share the same fundamental needs to wellbeing regardless of who we are. These five universal needs are equally important and interconnected and if one need is lacking or having a negative impact on another, our wellbeing is out of whack.

image of a broken Japanese bowl put back together with gold metals

Our Beautiful Broken Vase

I'm not sure if its legit to start a blog by referencing another blog, but there’s an image stuck in my head from a Scientific American piece:  a kind of Japanese pottery that puts broken pieces back together not by trying to make the cracks invisible but by using powdered metals in silver and gold to fu

In between

Making the In-Between Time Matter

We seem to be in this phase of in-between time – the lingering phase that follows the immediate emergency of COVID-19, but precedes a return to normalcy, however “normal” is defined.

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5 Things to Know if Your Family Is New to Telehealth Therapy

During a time of social distancing and heightened anxiety, telehealth therapy provides continuity for children, individuals, couples and families who typically receive mental health services face to face. It's also an option for those who may suddenly find themselves wanting and needing mental health services for depression, anxiety or stress.

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A Time to Manage Expectations

One of the most important things we can do to manage our emotional and mental health is to be realistic - it’s all about managing expectations.

Because of this pandemic, none of us are living the same life we were just 4 weeks ago. This means there is no guide book, expert advice, or model to lead us through. Remember, nobody has ever done what we are all doing right now.


Signs Your Mental Health May Be at Risk

During this time of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, it is especially important to do your best to stay healthy—both physically and mentally. While you may be feeling extra stressed, anxious, or alone, take some time to step back and do a self-check of your mental health on a weekly or even daily basis.

A poster drawn by a child that outlines preventative CDC measures for COVID-19

Help Calm Your Child’s COVID-19 Fears

Is your child concerned that they, you or another loved one will contract COVID-19? One activity that may help alleviate that fear is to create a Prevention Poster.

mom consoling her daughter

When Does Your Child Need Professional Mental Health Care

It’s safe to say that adolescents experience a wide range of emotions and behaviors. So how do you know when those emotions or behaviors have strayed beyond the range of “normal”? Just what is considered “normal” behavior? And, more importantly, how can a parent know when a child’s emotions or behaviors require attention by a mental health professional?

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Hygiene and Mental Health

When thinking about mental health, personal hygiene isn’t one of the first things to come to mind. For most people, hygiene means everyday tasks like brushing teeth, washing hair, and changing clothes. These tasks are often second nature, but for those struggling with certain mental or emotional disorders, these tasks are some of the most difficult things to do.