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Emerging from Her Past Shadows

Araya's journey was a labyrinth of tumultuous emotions before she entered the embracing arms of Nexus-Gerard Family Healing. At the pivotal age of 15, she felt adrift in a sea of despair, her life losing its meaning. Having to move from foster home to foster home as well as several hospitalizations due to self-harm and suicide attempts, added to her ordeal.
New playground at Nexus-Gerard Family Healing

Investing in Positive Experiences

A recent grant from the Thielen Foundation funded some major improvements at Nexus-Gerard Family Healing, such as refurbishing their baseball field and recreation room, and adding a new playground. This grant also provided Nexus-Gerard the ability to create and support a new Recreational Coordinator position. This position plays an integral role in creating a fun, connected environment for the youth at Nexus–Gerard, planning both on- and off-campus activities.
Photo of a woman giving a young child a gift

The Village That Holds Us Up

The first time Nexus-Kindred Family Healing Foster and Adoptive Parent Cherie and her family met their Nexus Family Healing social worker, Michaela, they were immediately disarmed by her cheerful smile and genuine demeanor. 
Adam and Tamara Peters

Fostering Joy

When Tamara and Adam Peters began fostering in June of 2020, they were looking at starting a family and options available to them. With no family history of fostering, they contacted Nexus- PATH Family Healing and talked to a Recruitment & Licensing Social Worker.
A youth using Nexus-Woodbourne's music studio equipment

Mixing Beats to Help Process Emotions

A partnership with Beyond The Natural Foundation teaches Nexus-Woodbourne youth music production, composition, and studio time to help youth on their healing journey.
Nancy Kagel

A Career Dedicated to Helping Others

After 22 years at Nexus-Kindred Family Healing, Nancy Kagel, Social Worker, will be retiring this spring. Social workers are a critical part for the work we do at Nexus Family Healing. To celebrate her retirement, we sat down with Nancy to reflect on her career in social work.
Two teenage girls sitting at a table talking to an adult

Making Their Voices Heard: The North Dakota Youth Advisory Board

In 2023, North Dakota proclaimed October to be “Foster Youth Voice Month”. Take a look at how lived experts Char, Alexis, Olivia, and Kalista joined the The North Dakota Youth Advisory Association (NDYAA) Leadership Board to raise community awareness around foster care and independent living programs.
Black teenage boy playing the piano

Healing Through Music

Music has been proven to be a healthy way for people to release stress and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Take a look at how the Illinois Summer Youth Music (ISYM) program helped two Nexus-Onarga Family Healing youth, Jaylin and DeAndre, learn more about their passions in music while also helping them find a healthy outlet to express their emotions and cope with negative feelings.
Chays, Kim, and Jason at Chays Adoption

Finding Your Family

After raising their biological children, Kim and her husband Jason felt the timing was right to open their home to children within the foster care system, specifically teenagers. Kim wasn’t sure where to begin her foster care journey, so she and Jason decided to Google foster care in Minnesota, and that’s when they came across Nexus-Kindred.
Older couple embracing and walking with older adoptive kids behind them

A Million Acts of Love

Anna and Mark had always wanted to adopt. In 2019, they reached out to Nexus-Kindred Family Healing to become licensed foster parents and to open their hearts and home to a group of siblings.