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Chays, Kim, and Jason at Chays Adoption

Finding Your Family

After raising their biological children, Kim and her husband Jason felt the timing was right to open their home to children within the foster care system, specifically teenagers. Kim wasn’t sure where to begin her foster care journey, so she and Jason decided to Google foster care in Minnesota, and that’s when they came across Nexus-Kindred.
Older couple embracing and walking with older adoptive kids behind them

A Million Acts of Love

Anna and Mark had always wanted to adopt. In 2019, they reached out to Nexus-Kindred Family Healing to become licensed foster parents and to open their hearts and home to a group of siblings.
Nexus-Woodbourne youth planting a trees in the community

Fostering Community Partnerships

Healing from trauma takes time - it is not linear and there isn’t a one-size-fits all solution. For youth at Nexus-Woodbourne Family Healing’s Residential Treatment Center, healing can start to feel overwhelming and repetitive with day-to-day therapy, classes, and other group activities. Nexus-Woodbourne employees are constantly looking for ways to enrich and enhance the youths’ healing process and lives.  
Backyard playground

Donations Create Hope for Youth

Meet the Vogel’s. The Vogel’s are a family who, for two years, created a safe home for four siblings between the ages of 5 and 14 in rural Minnesota. 
Bowen, a black and white Standard Poodle, sits on top of a couch at Nexus-PATH Luther Hall.

Boosting Morale

Animals are an intrinsic part of the human experience, providing joy and comfort in extraordinary ways. Some animals provide affection at home while others are trained to perform specific tasks or services for different people, depending on their needs. Youth at Nexus-PATH Luther Hall have the opportunity to benefit from their own extraordinary animal, Bowen.
Black and white photo of a man in his thirties with a full beard and black glasses wearing a dark sweater. He is smiling at the camera

Saving A LIfe

Phillip shares how the Southeast Regional Crisis Center, operated by Nexus Family Healing, helped him during his mental health crisis and changed his life.
Josh, a Black teenage boy, dressed in a tuxedo for a school dance.

An Honest Approach to Foster Care

Roxanne and Stanley never considered being foster parents, but were inspired when Roxanne's brother and wife needed some extra support. When Nexus-Woodbourne’s Foster Treatment Program reached out to Roxanne and Stanley to be full-time foster parents in 2016, they agreed.
Melissa with her two sons

Making Mental Health Care Accessible for Children

Nexus-Gerard provides outpatient and community mental health treatment services in southern Minnesota, including in Austin Public Schools. Read how Melissa's sons have been able to receive accessible mental health services right inside their school.
Black and white photo of pre-teen girl with curly light brown hair, sitting on a couch with her chin in her palm, slightly smiling. A grown up adult woman is sitting across from her in a chair holding a clipboard.

Rebuilding Relationships

Nine-year-old Marcy* was experiencing significant behavioral, attendance, and academic difficulties in school. Her parents were separated and struggled with mental health issues and substance abuse. Marcy’s mother had full custody of Marcy, but they were facing eviction.

Mr Mittens, a black and white tuxedo cat, sitting on his cat tree at New Trails Group Home in Onamia, MN

The Cat Who Cares

Our Nexus Mille-Lacs New Trails Group Home in Onamia, MN, has added a new member to their home – of the fluffy variety. Mr. Mittens was a stray cat that staff and youth noticed hanging around, looking for food in the dumpster. The youth at New Trails started to leave out food and water for him, as well as attention. The staff at New Trails decided to make Mr. Mittens an official member of the house after witnessing him comfort a youth, who had gone outside to sit on the front steps.