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Allison Family photo - two parents and three kids

Full Hearts, Full House

The first day Farrel and Rachel Allison opened their home, they grew from a family of two to a family of five when three youth arrived together. The couple says they haven’t looked back since.
Photo of MacKenna and her mom

Developing Safe Thoughts and Behaviors

With a heavy heart, MacKenna’s mother made the hard decision to give custody of her bright, creative, independent 12-year-old to the Department of Children and Family Services. She did so to make sure MacKenna received the help she needed. You see, MacKenna suffered from trauma at a young age and her body remembered, but her mind did not.
Photo of a smaller than average middle-schooler, with flaming red hair and plenty of freckles

Power in the Little Things

Travis, a smaller than average middle-schooler, with flaming red hair and plenty of freckles, was staying with us while his father was receiving treatment for paranoid schizophrenia.
Photo of a young boy at football practice holding a football

Providing that Extra Support

Tommy, a second grader who is always on the move, was struggling to pay attention and complete his work in the classroom. He often wandered the halls and got into fights with other students.
Photo of a young boy showing off his artwork to classmates

Overcoming Trauma

Jordan's grief and anger were contributing to aggressive outbursts at school. Thanks to a team effort of teachers, his mom and Nexus-PATH therapy team, Jordan is able to process his emotions and behaviors.
young man hiking in the woods

Going the Extra Mile

On most Thursday mornings, Nexus-Mille Lacs staff member would take youth on a long hike. This provided an opportunity for the young men to clear their heads by enjoying the nature around them while getting some exercise.
Teenage girl talking through her emotions with therapist

Healing Her Past

Healing from trauma is dark and painful. Heather, a 15-year-old girl a Nexus-Gerard, was experiencing that pain one night when she returned to her dorm from a long difficult therapy session.
Photo of a husband and wife hugging each other

Healing through Therapy

Debra is a 65-year-old female who has struggled with maintaining social and personal relationships. Her past is filled with traumatic physical, emotional, and sexual abuse from her family.
photo of a young boy reading a book on the floor

Learning to Be a Kid Again

Johnnie* is only seven years old and from an even younger age, Johnnie had to take care of his younger siblings. He would protect them from the violence and drug use that was taking place in their home. After experiencing so much abuse and neglect, he learned early on that he could not trust adults to take care of him or act in his best interest.

photo of an older couple with a younger boy

Becoming Forever "Grandparents"

Nick first entered foster care at the age of three. He spent some time in a county-level foster care but he needed a higher level of care than they could provide.