fbpx Learning to Self-Advocate
Authored by Nexus Family Healing on September 20, 2022

In late 2018, Julia* was referred to the Healthy Transitions program at Nexus-Kindred by Douglas County. Julie was almost 18 and determined, anxious, and unsure of where to begin. She wanted assistance with independent living skills including finding a second job, an apartment, applying to college, and opening a bank account. During her time with Nexus-Kindred, Julia has transformed into a young adult who knows what she wants and needs and is unafraid to advocate for herself to meet her goals.  

Establishing Safe Boundaries

As a teenager, Julia spent time in youth transitional facilities for her mental health and subsequent behaviors. After she completed the program, she was able to return to her mother’s home, where she lived until she turned 18. Julia and her mother had some problems in the past, and while Julia cares deeply for her mother, she believes that the healthiest thing for their relationship is to live separately but visit regularly.  

Learning How To Be Independent

Because of being in the Healthy Transitions program, Julia was able to find a second job and an apartment. She had help with budgeting, tax appointments, groceries, and general support for when she was struggling or had questions about life. She now has a degree in mechatronics, and just accepted a position with a company in Arizona who specifically recruited her, even offering to cover her moving expenses. 

We are so proud of Julia, and we hope her story can inspire other young adults who need help with the transition to adulthood.  

*Names and other details have been changed to maintain privacy.