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Elyssa and her twin boys sitting on a couch smiling at the camera

A Bright Future Ahead

Elyssa is a proud parent of five-year-old twin boys. While in preschool last year, Elyssa and the boys’ teachers noticed that their social play was a little “off” and that they were not participating in groups or playing with the other children. The preschool referred Elyssa to Nexus-FACTS where a diagnostic assessment was completed, and the children received a preliminary diagnosis of Autism.
Charlotte, a young five year old girl, smiling at the camera.

Learning Trust

Charlotte, 5 years old, started her kindergarten year of school extremely dysregulated. Charlotte was referred to Nexus-PATH’s School Case Management where her case manager worked with her and her parents to build relationships and identify what she needed to be successful.
Julia holding her cell phone in her hands and looking upward like she is looking forward to her future.

Learning to Self-Advocate

In late 2018, Julia was referred to the Healthy Transitions program at Nexus-Kindred by Douglas County. Julie was almost 18 and determined, anxious, and unsure of where to begin.
An Asian teenage girl signing the letter L in American Sign Language

Leading with Trauma-Informed Care

Many youths come into Nexus-Woodbourne Family Healing’s Residential Treatment program with a unique set of needs and unsafe behaviors. Our staff work diligently to provide not only daily living needs, but to also provide daily trauma-informed care and treatment interventions designed to address the underlying issue(s) causing their unsafe behaviors.
Tory delivering hundreds of Summer Boredom kit items to Nexus-Kindred Family Healing.

An Opportunity to Give Back

Local Girl Scout Troop #17697 is unique group of young girls. Run by Tory Thelen-Woldstad for over two decades, this troop is for girls grades 6-12 who don’t have a troop, or who want to join but don’t have any Girl Scout experience. Read how Tory and her troop organized a summer drive as their community service project.
Nexus-Woodbourne staff holding up a handmade sign to celebrate another win for their basketball team, the Midnight Bulls

Triumph & Community

Imagine the sounds of excitement as an entire gymnasium cheer as their basketball team wins game after game. The Nexus-Woodbourne campus rallied behind their basketball team, the Midnight Bulls, as they won their way to an undefeated 2021-2022 season.
Onamia Conversation Officer Dan Starr teaches youth tips on ice fishing

A Story of Perseverance

Spending time in nature can reduce stress and anxiety and elevate your mood. Our staff at Nexus-Mille Lacs Family Healing will often organize activities and events outdoors to provide positive experiences for our youth struggling with mental health issues. On a frigid cold day in March, our staff organized an exclusive event just for our youth— the opportunity to participate in their first-ever fishing derby!
Photo of holiday gifts under a Christmas tree

Sharing the Culture of Giving

Volunteering and giving provides Kari with a sense of purpose and it is an act that she wants to instill into the lives of her children. In December 2020, Kari was looking for an opportunity to make the holidays a bit brighter for children less fortunate than her own. She recalled donating to Nexus Family Healing in the past when we hosted gift drives and she decided to reach out.
Sara facing the camera wearing glasses and curly brown hair

A Cry For Help

Sara is young and afraid. At just 15 years old she struggles daily with mental illness, and her nights are filled with faceless, headless monsters in the form of hallucinations. Sara’s family had exhausted all resources available in their small Minnesota town and were running out of options. On one bad night, they found the Southeast Regional Crisis Center (SERCC). 
Family photo featuring Eric, Jeremie, and Dan

Finding Myself

Eric and Jeremie’s son, Dan, first experienced mental health challenges in middle school. As things became more difficult, their family sought out support. The family tried several options before finding Nexus-Gerard.