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A young girl smiling

A Place to Call Home

Before arriving at Nexus-Gerard Family Healing, several foster homes tried to help Sally but they were not equipped with the right tools and resources to keep her safe. She needed more.
Chris Wilson giving a lecture outside to Nexus-Woodbourne youth

Inspiring Youth with Purpose

The inspiring book of one man led to an extraordinary day of hope and resilience. At the Nexus Family Healing Building Connections virtual event in July 2020, Dr. Aeva Doomes, Medical Director for Nexus-Woodbourne Family Healing, shared a story about how donors can help support meaningful events and connections on campus.

Young Black woman prepping food

Turning Passion into A Career

Lydia*, a young woman suffering from extensive trauma, was receiving intensive therapy at Nexus-Woodbourne. During her stay, she expressed a passion for cooking. Staff recognized that passion and used it to build her confidence and her independence. They helped her obtain her food safety licensure and training. They taught her to manage the food expense budget for the program.

Anna and Master Kinkle at the adoption ceremony with their three kids

Love Knows No Bounds

Nexus-Kindred foster parents Master and Anna Hinkle have been in wheelchairs for most of their lives: Master since he was 3, and Anna since she was 16. Both were the result of vehicle accidents.

youth and staff raising LGBTQ flags

All Are Welcome

As you drive into the Nexus-Gerard Family Healing campus, there are six flagpoles that line the lawn. Until recently, only one of these flagpoles was being used. Cameron*, a new transgender youth admitted to Nexus-Gerard, had an idea­ — what if two of these empty flagpoles had a pride flag and a transgender flag to welcome LBGTQ+ youth and visitors?
young Black girl smiling

Finding Independence

Brittany, a young Black woman suffering from extensive sexual trauma and abuse, was receiving intensive therapeutic intervention services at Nexus-Woodbourne.
Amanda Kreuter, her husband Dan and their three girls

Fostering a Place to Call Home

Amanda Kreuter was in her early 20s when she started thinking about becoming a foster parent, so when she and her husband Dan struggled with infertility, they decided to explore their Minnesota foster care and adoption resource, the MNAdopt.org website.

Foster Family

Providing A Place to Grow

Paul and Cara are Nexus-PATH foster parents. They provided informal care to two children prior to becoming foster care licensed in 2013. 
foster care

A Call to Foster

Frank* and Roxanne* are a blended family with 6 adult children between them. They live on a farm with many animals - horses, chickens, peacocks, cats, dogs, a donkey and a steer.

photo of a man managing a restaurant

Finding His Path

At the age of 13, Nate started going to parties with older kids where he was introduced to and saw all sorts of things. He was living with his schizophrenic mother and Nate felt the need to keep his activities outside of the home to himself.