fbpx Learning to Be a Kid Again
Authored by Nexus Family Healing on March 2, 2021

Johnnie* is only seven years old and from an even younger age, Johnnie had to take care of his younger siblings. He would protect them from the violence and drug use that was taking place in their home. After experiencing so much abuse and neglect, he learned early on that he could not trust adults to take care of him or act in his best interest.

Eventually after several drug use and domestic violence reports to authorities, Johnnie and his siblings were taken out of their home and placed into foster care. Although the foster home was a kind and caring place, Johnnie struggled. He didn’t understand how to be a kid after taking care of his siblings for so long. His behavior became destructive and he was removed from the foster home.

Getting the Help He Needs

After three hospitalizations and more failed foster placements, Johnnie was referred to Nexus-Gerard Family Healing. Johnnie is working through the hurt and anger that resulted from his past experiences. With the help of his therapist, they are working on building trust and helping Johnnie learn to be a kid again.

It will be a long road for Johnnie, but with the help of the caring and compassionate professionals at Nexus-Gerard Family Healing he will not have to do it alone.

*Name and some details have been changed to protect privacy.