fbpx Overcoming Trauma
Authored by Nexus Family Healing on March 29, 2021

Grief and worry affect all of us differently, and that’s especially true with children. Jordan, a grade school boy, experienced trauma surrounding a death in his family and ongoing financial struggles. His feelings turned into verbal and physical aggression, and his teachers were coping with an angry little boy who got into fights on the playground and directed angry words at school authorities.

Processing through Grief

After being referred to Nexus-PATH Family Healing's School-Based Case Management Program, Jordan worked with caring professionals who helped him cope with the underlying causes of his behavior change. Supported by his teacher, mother, Nexus-PATH case worker and Nexus-PATH therapist, he’s been working through his grief and anger. He’s been so successful at curbing aggressive behaviors that his classroom teacher now describes him as “one of the best kids in class.”