fbpx Donations Create Hope for Youth
Authored by Nexus Family Healing on September 25, 2023

Youth in foster care often face multiple traumas in their young lives, in addition to the disruption of being removed from their home. It's critical to keep siblings together to avoid further trauma and separation whenever possible. 

Meet the Vogel’s. The Vogel’s are a family who, for two years, created a safe home for four siblings between the ages of 5 and 14 in rural Minnesota. 

Caring for siblings is a rewarding, yet challenging experience. The Vogel’s quickly discovered they needed additional resources to meet the growing list of needs to provide the youth in their care the same everyday life experiences at school and in their activities.

Thanks to a Minnesota funder, the Vogel’s were able to purchase a playset as well as two computers, desks, and a printer. These donations directly impact the children’s development as well as learning needs that all kids typically experience in childhood. 

Donations help foster families provide items and experiences they may not otherwise be able to afford for youth in their care. Computers for doing homework, trips to the zoo, or to a sporting event all make a difference.

“A big part of foster care is that children who come from traumatic backgrounds don’t always receive the things they need or want as kids.” – Cheryl Vogel