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A woman with glasses helping a teenage boy

Finding Fulfillment in Social Work

March is National Social Work Month and we are celebrating all of the social workers and the important work they do. Vicki Senesac, a Therapist at Nexus-Indian Oaks Family Healing, shares her story on why she switched careers to make an immediate difference in the lives of young people.
Emergency kit materials

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness for Your Family’s Mental and Physical Health

Natural and man-made disasters in recent news can cause stress, especially for children. As a parent, it’s important to remember that your reactions to these disasters can impact the way your child views the world around them. Remain calm, give yourself time to process and create a plan that works for your family.
A distressed young adult female in a gray sweater, sitting against a door frame, holding her knees to her chest and resting her head on her left arm.

Self-Harm/Injury vs. Suicidal Ideation

March is Self-Harm Awareness Month and we at Nexus Family Healing wanted to take the time to talk about this difficult subject to help educate parents and caretakers on what is self-injury/self-harm, signs to look for, and what the difference is between self-harm and suicidal ideation. 
Picture of a woman reaching her hand out to a butterfly

Spring Cleaning? Don't Forget Your Brain.

I love the idea of waves of fluid pulsing through my brain as I sleep, restoring and refreshing it. This image has led me to think of other things that can also refresh, restore, and clean out my brain—wondering about ways to “spring clean” my outlook and to release my grip on unneeded waste.
Young woman in a golden yellow sweater standing on a beach with her eyes closed and holding her right hand over her heart. Her curly hair is tussled in the wind.

Building Self-Esteem and Self-Love

In this month of love and romance, we often forget one of the most important kinds of love – loving yourself. We share some tips and tricks on how to help build your self-esteem and learn to love yourself.   
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How To Love Through Hard Times

If you or someone you know experiences painful memories this time of year, check out some of our blogs below to read different perspectives on relationships, learn ways to move past those difficult times, and learn how to continue to give and accept love from others. 
A group of friends hanging out and taking a photo together

Making Friends as an Adult Can Be Tough: Here Are Some Tips to Help

Making new friends is hard, especially as an adult with the added layer of living in a new city. But finding those connections are so important for our mental health and well-being, as friendships help us find a sense of belonging, boost our happiness, and can help build our self-esteem. Here are a few tips on how to create new relationships in a new community. 
Mental Health Books for Children

Mental Health Books for Children

February is National Library Lover’s month, so we asked our staff members at our different agencies what mental health books are their favorite for children. See their recommendations below and learn a little bit about how reading can positively impact your child’s mental health and overall development! 
Driving Anxiety

Dealing With Driving Anxiety

While winter can make us want to hibernate and stay home, there are days when we still must get out, run errands, and travel. In the Midwest, that means being prepared to drive on snowy and icy roads. Despite many of us being used to driving in the winter, drivers can still feel anxiety, dread, or even full-on panic at the prospect of driving in such conditions – or just driving in general, no matter the weather. For many who’ve been in car accidents or with an anxiety disorder, those feelings of dread and panic can be exacerbated. 
Reflection vs Resolution

Reflection vs Resolution: A New Approach

For some, making resolutions can seem overwhelming and create anxiety due to fear of failure. Often, we set lofty and unrealistic goals just to keep up with everyone else. But here’s a secret: those of us who make these lofty goals and then fail to achieve them are definitely keeping up with the majority. I recommend we get off this wild ride. But how?