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Man scrolling on social media

How To Take Control of Your Social Media

Have you ever found yourself scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok and all of a sudden, you look up and four hours have gone by? Sometimes, when we are mindlessly scrolling, we start to go down a path that is not beneficial for our mental health. Check out some tips on how to help you take control of your social media and create a healthier online space for yourself.
A women making a decision

Your Behaviors and Your Basic Needs: A Look at Choice Theory

Have you ever questioned why people make the decisions they do or why they act in a certain way? Choice Theory is one method that is used my many mental health professionals which stems from the belief that all behaviors are purposeful and are most often an attempt to satisfy one of our five basic needs – survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun.
Man journaling

The Power of Your Words

The words you speak to yourself have the power to push you forward or tear you down. Positive affirmations can alter your internal self-talk and motivate you to change or take action. Affirmations can include quotes that inspire you, expressions of gratitude, or can directly relate to things your struggle with.
Man taking a breath in the park

Invitation to Exhale

As life resumes its previous shape, it’s no surprise that our re-entry is getting a lot of attention. Many of us got emotionally beat up as we were suddenly catapulted into our pandemic lives. I am getting a lot of messages to just exhale, yet I find I’m resisting them. Partially, I think it’s nervousness about what might be on the other side of letting go. When life has been so unpredictable, can we actually exhale, let go, and show our underbellies?
Mother and daughter arguing about control

Navigating Power Struggles

Power struggles are not enjoyable – when two people or parties are competing for control or influence, it makes for a very uncomfortable and frustrating experience. The more we can self-regulate the better we will be at dealing with difficult situations. Check out four strategies that will help guide you to avoid power struggles.
A women fatigued after zoom meetings

Zoom Fatigue or Something More?

There are many advantages to holding zoom meetings-no travel time needed, no reason to compete for available conference room space, and the meeting can be easily recorded and archived. With so many efficiencies using technology, why are so many of us feeling exhausted and fatigued? Here are three factors that may be contributing to our feelings of Zoom fatigue and how we might mitigate them.
Two parents comforting child

Supporting Mental Health in Early Childhood

For children, ages birth-5 years old, mental health begins with how they form close relationships with caregivers, manage and express their emotions, and explore the environment and learn. A child's development is cumulative, building on previous milestones, which is why it's important to establish safety early on, both physically and emotionally, so that children can thrive in these areas.
Women drinking coffee in bed

Support, One Day at a Time

This past year has been many things – it has been challenging, emotional, overwhelming, stressful, and yet it has also been inspiring and rewarding. There is no doubt about it, we have all had to change not only how we do our work but adjust our personal lives due to new stress and worry that we’ve never navigated before. How do we manage all of this and still be the very best possible version of ourselves?
Family playing a game

4 Ways to Strengthen Family Mental Health

In the hustle of day-to-day life, taking care of our mental health can easily get lost in the shuffle. Family mental health is incredibly important, especially in times of high stress and change. Here are four ways to strengthen your family's mental health.
Joy Journal

Why Keep a Joy Journal

Many of us are familiar with the concept of gratitude and thankfulness. Science says that feelings of gratefulness have many positive effects – from physical to psychological – making it the most popular topic for daily journals. At Nexus Family Healing, we see many youth and families who are going through difficult times and struggle to see the good in every day. That’s why we champion the practice of keeping a “joy journal.”