fbpx Giving Back Love and Support
Authored by Nexus Family Healing on May 28, 2021

John and Haley discussed becoming foster parents on their first date. For a while, they drove by a Nexus-PATH billboard every single day until one day they decided it was time. They reached out to become licensed as foster parents.

Giving Back

John was a youth in PATH foster programs when he was a teen. He wanted to give the same support to others that he had when he was growing up. Haley has a big heart for children and a desire to help support kids and their families during difficult times in their lives.

John shares that getting involved in foster care simply takes a desire to help others and that anyone with any family makeup can make a great foster parent.  

John and Haley love opening their hearts and home to teenagers the most. Although teens may bring unique challenges, helping them learn what they need as they enter adulthood is so critical.

Support Makes All the Difference

The couple is so thankful for their foster care support network. The education they received as foster parents helped them care for the children, saying it made them better parents. They credit workers at the Nexus-PATH Minot office for making their experience a great one!

Haley shares this advice to prospective foster parents: "Be prepared to continually learn. It's hard, but extremely rewarding. As much as we can teach the youth in our homes - they can teach us as well!"

And to current foster families, John notes, "Do not be afraid to share your experiences with others. We don't have enough foster parents in North Dakota to fill the need. Advocating for our organization is something we should all take an active role in."