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Mental Health in the Classroom

This guide provides talking points and tips for teachers who may have students struggling with their mental health in the classroom.
teenage girl acting out

The “Why” Behind Your Child’s Behaviors

When you see or experience a child or teen acting out, what is often your first thought? For most, that first reactionary thought is not one of empathy nor is it thinking about the deeper meaning behind the behavior. If you take a step back and search to understand why a child may be having a certain “undesirable” attitude or outburst, it can solve the problem in a faster, friendlier, and less stressful way.
Supporting Your Child’s Mental Health at Any Age

Supporting Your Child’s Mental Health at Any Age

A resource sheet explaining warning signs to watch for and 10 steps to supporting your child’s mental health.

Additional Resources

Photo of a trans teenage female

How Can I Best Support My Teen in Their Gender Expression?

My 15-year-old son recently told me he wants to be referred to as they/them. He has started experimenting with makeup and is interested in women's clothing. I'm having a really hard time with this one. I am uncomfortable, I don't understand and don't know how to handle it. I want to support him, but I worry about him being bullied and what struggles he will face. Where do I even begin?

Setting New Year's Resolutions With Your Family

Our President and CEO Dr. Michelle K. Murray joined KSTP's Minnesota Live to talk about how families can keep it simple in the new year by setting small, specific, and intentional goals.
Teenage boy looking out car window

Take Them for a Drive

To many, adolescent and teen boys are a mystery. They are trying to find their place in the pecking order of the world. They are defining manhood, “trying out” the different types of men they’ve seen in society, and how they want to be defined. So how do you communicate with adolescent boys? Take them for a drive.
Stressed Teenage boy

How Can We Best Support Our Teenager Who Is Struggling With Behavioral Health Issues?

We are looking at options to help our 15-year-old son who has many continuous problems. He is stealing, lying, and cheating. He had violent outbursts when he’s confronted. He self-harms, has inappropriate sexual behaviors, fights, lack of empathy and more. What is our best solution for these behaviors?

Balancing Screen Time for Teens

Nexus-FACTS Family Healing Clinical Director Luke Spiegelhoff joined KSTP's Minnesota Live to talk about how social media affects our teens and their mental health.
Kindness Calendar

Kindness Calendar

Our 31-day calendar shares ideas on how you can spread kindness each and every day.
Young woman struggling to maintain hygiene

Hygiene and Mental Health

Personal hygiene is a subject that is often not discussed on a daily basis. Typically, hygiene is overlooked as we often assume that everyone does things in similar ways or have similar levels of frequency. However, hygiene can often be the first sign of the start of mental health issues.
A child who struggles with social anxiety

How Can I Best Support My Child Who Struggles With Social Anxiety?

My eight-year-old child has had a rocky start to the school year. She struggles with social anxiety and it seems to be getting worse. She just lacks confidence, is concerned that others will make fun of her and I can tell she dreads going into school in the morning.

Suicide Prevention Tip: Direct and Indirect Warning Signs

There are direct and indirect warning signs when it comes to suicide.