fbpx One Cup at a Time
Authored by Nexus Family Healing on October 22, 2020

In the small town of Onarga, Illinois, you’ll find a quaint café with a rich history of serving the community much more than a hot cup of coffee. The Cornerstone Café serves as a vocational program of Nexus-Onarga Family Healing. Youth in residence at Nexus-Onarga work at the café as baristas, greeters, servers, and busser. This great opportunity to build real-world skills doesn’t stop there; youth at Nexus-Onarga must apply, interview, and train for their positions at the café. Once hired, they learn to serve customers and make a variety of coffees, iced drinks, and smoothies.

The Cornerstone Café also houses a unique event space in it upstairs called The Upper Room, which was fully renovated and restored by Nexus-Onarga youth in 2016. The Upper Room provides a beautiful, private space for meetings and gatherings and is fully staffed by Nexus-Onarga youth. Downstairs at the café, you’ll also find handcrafted items made by local artists including pottery, glassworks, soaps, food items, textiles, and more.

While also providing the community with a great local business, the Cornerstone Café allows Nexus-Onarga youth to gain real-world work experience before being discharged from treatment. This kind of hands-on training allows our youth to excel in jobs across all industries, which thoroughly increases their ability to maintain a long and healthy life after leaving Onarga.

Nexus-Onarga plans to offer additional vocational training through an expansion of the café to include a full kitchen, serving sandwiches, soups, and salads – providing cooking and restaurant skills to the youth staff. Besides job skills, working at the café also grows confidence, people skills, and a sense of purpose – things that all teens can benefit from.

Watch for upcoming developments on the Cornerstone Café kitchen project on its Facebook page.

This blog article was contributed by Jill Peisker, Nexus-Onarga Family Healing.

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