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Foster Parent

Did you know foster parents can be single or married, parents or grandparents, young or old? They can have children of their own or no children at all. They can have dreams of adopting or just a desire to help kids who need it.

In other words, foster parents look just like you.

All you need to become a foster parent is an extra bedroom, a commitment to a child’s safety, and the willingness to invest in their future.

You’ll have lots of support from our team of professionals, including specialized training that will help you successfully care for each child, valuable online resources, and a dedicated social worker to answer your questions along the way.

“People always question why, after 15 years, I continue to do what I do in foster care… It’s things like getting a text this morning from my foster daughter asking if she can name her baby after me."

- Cathy, Foster Parent

You can make a big difference.

Children typically enter the foster care system at no fault of their own. They’re often scared, alone, and in need of stability—and they come with a wide range of needs, life experiences, and challenges. As a foster parent, you’ll be given the tools and training you need to help a kid be a kid in a safe, secure, and nurturing home.

Learn more about foster parenting at the links below—and let’s get together to talk about how foster care could look for you.


Where to Start

Steps to becoming a foster parent

  1. Let’s meet.
    Let’s start by sitting down together so we can answer your questions, talk about what kind of fostering opportunities would meet your needs and interests, and share information about what it means to be a foster family with a Nexus agency.

    Making the decision to become a foster parent is not always an easy one. We encourage you to ask questions and share your excitement and hesitations. We’re happy to talk through your concerns. If you decide it isn’t the best time for your family to foster, that’s just fine! There is no pressure from us. If you decide to move forward, that’s wonderful—we’ll begin the application process with you right away. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.
  2. Start the paperwork.
    Once you’ve decided to pursue fostering, you’ll need to complete an application, schedule a background check, and provide references. While we wait for your background check and references to come back, we’ll continue gathering information about your family, your personal history, your family relationships, and your reasons for wanting to foster. We’ll also provide you with more insight about the support provided for you—and we’ll talk about how we can effectively match children that fit your family’s strengths, personality, areas of growth, and references.
  3. Prepare for success with some training and support.
    Foster families are considered part of our professional team. Before and during your time as a foster family you’ll participate in training programs. You’ll also have regular meetings with other foster families to share experiences, strategies, and support. We want you to feel confident and successful every step of the way, and our training equips you to handle a variety of situations.
  4. Wait for your licensing.
    All your assessments and background checks have to go through the systems to ensure everything is in order. The time this takes can vary from a few weeks to a few months. You’re welcome to check in with your social worker or ask any questions that come up during this time of waiting.
  5. Welcome a child into your family.
    Once the preparations are complete, the journey is just beginning! A social worker will be assigned to your family and will develop an ongoing relationship with you, helping to oversee the youth in your home and provide you with 24/7 support.


Let's talk.

We’re glad to consult with you about how foster care could look for you and your family. Contact us at the location nearest you.



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