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Residential Treatment

Sometimes kids need a highly structured, safe, and supervised space to recover and grow. Which means, sometimes the bravest choice you can make is to let them go, at least for a bit.

We’re here to help your child—and your family—heal.

Our programs are designed to keep your family engaged throughout the treatment process—and to ensure you’re wrapped with all the support you need during this difficult time. While we’re helping your child build skills and stability in their lives, we’ll also help the rest of your family deal with the impact of trauma and mental health issues.

Our highly trained staff is passionate about addressing emotional and behavioral issues, treating underlying mental health and trauma conditions, improving school success, and breaking the cycle of harm for the next generation.

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“Now that I’m not so scared… I can actually take care of the things I do need to take care of.”


We provide short- and long-term treatment programs at our residential facilities for kids who need intensive support and care.

We Serve...

Children, teens, and young adults from ages 6–21 (ages served varies by Nexus agency.)

We Specialize In...

Behavioral and mental health issues like: depression, anxiety, trauma, oppositional behavior, ADHD, borderline personality, bi-polar conditions relational problems, attachment issues, parenting support, family conflict, sexually problematic behaviors, and emotional/physical/sexual abuse.

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If you think your child might benefit from an intensive, live-in program, contact any of our locations listed below. Click to learn more about each facility.


Manteno, IL
For males and females, ages 12-21

Onarga, IL
For males, ages 10-20


Baltimore, MD
For males, ages 12-19


East Bethel, MN
For males and females, ages 10-19

Mille Lacs, MN
For males, ages 10-19
Andover, MN
For females, ages 12-18

Austin, MN
For males and females, ages 6-18

Aspen House
Mendota Heights, MN
For males and females, ages 11-18
Operated by Nexus Family Healing

North Dakota

Fargo, ND
For males and females, ages 10-17