fbpx Cherishing the Simple Things
Authored by Nexus Family Healing on December 10, 2021

A group of three high-spirited brothers, Joe* (13), Jeremy* (9), and Jared* (7), had experienced significant neglect in their young lives due to their parents’ drug use. They were scared, distrusted other people, and sometimes behaved in reckless and aggressive ways because they never had the guidance to help them know how to cope with their emotions. But the boys had an unbreakable bond with one another because they knew that they were the only family they could count on. 

Joe, Jeremy, and Jared were removed from their parents’ home for their own safety. Their therapists and case workers knew it would be challenging to find a foster family who could take all three boys into their home and help them work through their trauma.

A Safe Place to Call Home

Tim, a long-time Nexus-Kindred foster parent, knew he could make a difference in the lives of these boys. As he helped them to bed on one of the first nights in his home, the youngest brother, Jared said, “Thank you for having safe beds for us so we can sleep.” It was at that moment that Tim realized that something as basic as a good night’s sleep may have been rare for these boys.

Over time, Tim taught the brothers simple things like how to make a meal and how to play basketball. Joe, Jeremy, and Jared did very well under the care of Tim, who never gave up and stood by them through highs and lows.

Months later, the boys became eligible for adoption. Tim immediately stepped up to provide a permanent home for Joe, Jeremy, and Jared.

*Names and other details have been changed to maintain privacy.