fbpx Love Knows No Bounds
Authored by Kate Borman on November 13, 2020

Nexus-Kindred foster parents Master and Anna Hinkle have been in wheelchairs for most of their lives: Master since he was 3, and Anna since she was 16. Both were the result of vehicle accidents.

Their astonishing journey began by getting licensed by Nexus-Kindred to provide foster care to traumatized youth. In their minds, they were going to start small by fostering one child and seeing how it went. Life, as they know well, doesn’t always go as planned.

Providing A New Home

Master and Anna learned that a sibling group of three children needed care. They couldn’t imagine breaking them apart, and in August 2018, welcomed the three siblings into their home. Just over a year later in December 2019, the three children officially joined the Hinkle family through adoption.

With the support of extended family, the Hinkles continue to make special memories and help their children conquer important milestones, like learning to ride a bike. Foster parents come in many shapes and forms – it is the heart and the dedication that are the common threads.


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