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When family systems break down or a crisis occurs, we’re here to help. We work tirelessly to make sure every child is cared for in a safe and secure home—whether they need short-term care while a family is in transition or a permanent place to call their own.

Because every child deserves to feel known, cared for, and valued.

Our foster families are well-trained and fully supported by our professional team of social workers and therapists. And our adoptive families are realizing the dream of becoming parents—while giving children the family they long for.

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“We decided we’d be the last stop for kids that had gone through many other disruptions.”


Foster Care and Adoption 
When children enter foster care due to an unsafe and/or unstable home environment, we provide foster homes to care for these kids while their families get back on their feet. We work hard with the child’s custodial team to reunite these families. When that isn’t possible, we provide adoption services that result in a loving, stable home.

We Serve...

Children, teens, and young adults (from birth to age 21)—as well as people who want to foster or adopt children in need.

We Specialize In...

Keeping children safe and well cared for while their families are getting the help they need. We offer emergency, short-term, long-term, and whole-family foster services.

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To talk with our team about fostering or adopting, contact one of the agencies listed below.


8 Locations Throughout Minnesota
Foster Care and Adoption

North Dakota

9 Locations Throughout North Dakota
Foster Care 


Nexus-Woodbourne Family Healing

Foster Care 

Interested in adoption?

Every day we're helping adults become parents and children find a loving, stable home. We have kids of every age, including sibling groups and older children, who need a home and are waiting to find a loving parent. If you're interested in starting the adoption process, contact one of the locations listed below.


Nexus-Kindred Family Healing
8 Locations Throughout Minnesota
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