fbpx Paying It Forward
Authored by Nexus Family Healing on February 26, 2020

From the time she was 13, Bill Spotts' daughter began behaving differently and more dangerously. Smoking. Drinking, Drugs. Cutting herself. Suicidal ideation. And more.

Searching for help

On several occasions, the Spotts had their daughter hospitalized when her thoughts of suicide became severe. But she was always released after only 7-14 days, never enough to get to the root of her problem. She needed more intensive treatment, but at the time, admittance into a Maryland residential treatment facility was nearly impossible.

The turning point

At 15, their daughter grabbed hundreds of dollars of clothes from Nordstrom’s, stuffed them into a gym bag and walked out the door. As a result, she landed in the juvenile justice system which, finally, opened the door for her to get the intensive treatment she needed. She was admitted into a residential facility. There was a sense of relief to finally find treatment for their daughter, but Bill and his wife also wondered if they were doing the right thing by “sending her away.”

A new path

Soon the benefits of the residential setting were clear. Their daughter was also able to talk with other girls facing similar challenges. Her treatment progressed and the family rebuilt trust through group and individual therapy. The on-site school kept their daughter on track to graduate, and afterward, she completed the esthetician program at a trade school. She now had confidence and the tools to find gainful employment and be a self-sufficient adult.

Giving back

Having experienced first-hand the challenges of mental health with his daughter, Bill decided to make a difference for other families. He serves on the Board of Directors for Nexus-Woodbourne and he and his wife, Beth, have been generous financial contributors to the organization – including one of the largest private gifts supporting the new vocational building.

In Bill’s words, “Mental health is an issue that nearly every family is dealing with in some way. It’s a prevalent concern that crosses all economic classes. Nexus-Woodbourne is helping youth create a path for life beyond treatment. As philanthropists, this is important to Beth and me.”