fbpx Providing A Place to Grow
Authored by Nexus Family Healing on May 14, 2020

Paul* and Cara* are Nexus-PATH foster parents. They provided informal care to two children prior to becoming foster care licensed in 2013. Once licensed, these same children were placed in their home for foster care and then added them to their family through adoption with the Adults Adopting Special Kids Program in 2015.

Cara states that it is not always easy; but even on challenging days, she embraces that they signed up for it all-the good, the hard, the temporary, and the forever.  She says having relationships with other foster parents has been vital to their success and that it’s important to not think you are going to do it alone. The couple attends Share and Support meetings at Nexus-PATH, receiving support and encouragement from other families who “get it” and who have similar experiences.

Whether fostering or adopting, there is almost always ongoing contact with the child’s family. Cara says that one thing they want other families to know is that even through the permanency of adoption, there will always be part of the child’s history that is outside of your home and your immediate family.   These relationships are important to support in whatever way is possible.

Now on their 7th year of fostering, Paul and Cara continue their important work, giving many kids a loving place to grow.  Over the years, the couple added another boy, now 5 years old, to their family through adoption.  Cara shares that some kids are meant to stay with you, others are meant to go home. Paul and Cara celebrate the successes of their former foster children that have been reunited with their families.

We thank Paul and Cara for the kind, patient, and loving care they give to kids who cross their path. 

*Names and some details have been changed to protect privacy.