fbpx Supporting an Entire Family
Authored by Nexus Family Healing on January 12, 2022

Third grader Jacob was having enormous struggles in school. When feeling overwhelmed, he would shut down and not talk or make eye contact with others for many minutes. Adults would try to redirect Jacob and he would lash out aggressively, resulting Jacob receiving lessons in a self-contained classroom to keep him and others safe.

Jacob was referred to Nexus-PATH’s School Targeted Case Management Services for help. Stephanie became his case manager and quickly learned that Jacob did quite well at home, only struggling at school. Stephanie became Jacob’s advocate, connecting with his teachers to help them learn how to support him through transitions and changes to his daily routine that could be especially stressful for Jacob. He also met with Stephanie for break times that helped him stay focused and relaxed so he could be successful in school. 

Stephanie also learned how to help Jacob when he was feeling overwhelmed by quietly sitting with him, asking questions, and just staying by his side until he was able to calm down. Stephanie brought him to the park and the zoo to practice social skills and she was even there to cheer him on at one of his baseball games.

Stephanie was also there for Jacob’s mother, Jennifer, supporting her as she parented through challenging situations. Together, they worked to “wrap” services around Jacob including occupational therapy, mental health therapy, and medication management. Stephanie also provided guidance for younger sister, Abby. The key to a child’s success is supporting the entire family around them. 

“Stephanie is a literal godsend. I don’t know where my kids would be without her. She has done wonders for us.”
Jennifer, Jacob's Mom