fbpx No Time for Silence
Authored by Dr. Michelle Murray on May 28, 2020

This has been a very difficult week in Minneapolis and across our communities. We are deeply saddened and upset by the death of George Floyd.

At Nexus Family Healing, we place a high value on diversity and compassion. We work hard to see and respect every individual we serve and recognize the trauma they have endured. Empathy and understanding are at the heart of who we are and the work we do every day. That is why the events of this week, at a time when so many are already suffering, are so painful to observe.

But we must do more than observe. We must actively support each other, our coworkers, and our community members, whether we know them or not. But most especially, we must stand up with and support people of color. We must be curious and seek to understand our own biases. And with respect and civility, we must share our voice in support of people who are marginalized and oppressed, listen to their voices and take appropriate action. Those of us who are in the position to speak up must speak up. We must continue to have our voices heard even when we think nothing changes. Do not give up; do not ever remain silent or be still about the suffering of others. Find a way to make a difference.

Healing the past, breaking the cycle and changing the future – this is our calling, and we can make a difference. Your voice and action can and will make a difference!

Dr. Michelle K. Murray
President and CEO, Nexus Family Healing

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