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Father talking with his son

When Does Discipline Cross the Line to Abuse?

It can be a confusing distinction for parents: when does disciple become abuse? Even star athletes fall victim to the confusion. Just look at the recent case involving NFL star Adrienne Peterson and his son.1

mom talking to her daughter

Opening the Lines of Communication with Your Child

Many parents think open communication with a child should come naturally, but the truth is, open communication must be encouraged and developed by both you and your child throughout every stage of life.

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Beyond Home

Youth in foster care often have traumatic histories that put them at greater risk for anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues throughout their lives.

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Electronic Cigarettes

By Donna Graham, RN. Reposted with author consent. Original article at https://www.migvapor.com/ecig-news/vaping-and-parenting/

When to Worry about Worry

Anxiety can be present in your child’s life in a multitude of ways: preparing for a test, learning to drive, etc. , so it can be difficult to distinguish whether your child’s anxiety is normal part of growing up and having more responsibilities, or if it’s becoming a serious struggle.

Welcoming A New Friend

When a child struggles with socializing, branching out into their school community, stress, and anxiety, it can be hard to know what can help. Recent studies show that a furry friend may be just the right thing.

The Invisible Bully

Children live in a new age of technology. Communication is mostly done through texting, Facebook messaging, and Snapchat. Cyberbullying can and does exist through each and every one of these platforms. Whether it’s a rumor, mean or degrading comments, embarrassing pictures, or fake profiles, children are experiencing the brunt of this bullying on their cellphones, computers, and tablets.

Reaching Out for a Helping Hand

As a parent, you want what is best for your children, and you will always put their needs before your own, but that can be difficult when you’re trying to manage your own “high levels of chronic stress, anxiety, and depression.”2

Preparing your Biological Child for a Foster or Adoptive Sibling

Bringing a new member into the family, whether through foster care or adoption, can be an adjustment for your children. Your child is most likely used to having his or her parents all to themselves. To help your child adapt to having a new family member, you can discuss their concerns and involve them in the foster/adoption process.

I Had A Black Dog…

Dealing with negative emotions is a learned exercise, one that needs to be practiced. The video “I had a black dog, his name was depression” allows children to learn about mental illness is an easy and low-stress setting.