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Everyone needs a little help now and then—and sometimes an entire family needs it at once. Because when parents struggle, kids are impacted, and when kids struggle it can shake an entire family.

We understand, and we’re here to help.

Getting therapy early can prevent more intense issues in the future, so we’re here to support you where you are when you need it. Our team of licensed therapists is specially trained in trauma and stress, and we’re committed to helping families stay together, heal, grow, and move forward.

Does your family need help?

“He laughs again. He’s fun. He is Richie again.”


We meet youth and families in our communities when and where they need us most with specialty programs in homes, schools, outpatient therapy and through immediate crisis support programs.  

We Serve...

Children, teens, adults, couples, and families

We Specialize In...

Behavioral and mental health issues like: Depression, anxiety, trauma, oppositional behavior, ADHD, borderline personality, bi-polar disorder, relational problems, attachment issues, parenting support, family conflict, sexually problematic behaviors, and emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.

Interested in Outpatient & Community Mental Health Care?

To learn more about our community mental health services, contact any of our locations listed below. We provide telehealth appointments wherever you may be in Minnesota or North Dakota through  video or phone. We also serve clients in our clinics, as well as in some area schools and sometimes even in your own home. Click to learn more about each location.


Nexus-FACTS Family Healing
Mendota Heights, MN
For children, families, and adults across MN

Southeast Regional Crisis Center
Rochester, MN
For adults and youth ages 10-18 in southeast Minnesota
Operated by Nexus Family Healing

Nexus-Gerard Family Healing
Austin, MN and Albert Lea, MN
For children, families, and adults across MN

North Dakota

Nexus-PATH Family Healing
3 Locations in North Dakota
For children, families, and adults across ND