fbpx How Do I Create Boundaries With My Ex-Wife?
Authored by Dr. Michelle Murray on March 8, 2022
Dear Dr. Michelle:

My ex and I have been divorced for several years now and it's amicable, but I'm frustrated -- she still turns to me for help with things around the house all the time. I want to do what's right for my kids and I like helping but I'm starting to feel taken advantage of. How do I say no without rocking the boat?

Dear Brian:

This week, Tera Girardin sits down with Dr. Michelle K. Murray to answer your question via video!

Dr. Michelle K. Murray shares that Brian may need to rock the boat a little bit, but it doesn't have to be in a negative way. She recommends Brian be upfront with his ex-wife and start to create a plan and a budget for getting things done around the house.

Learn more in the video response below.

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Dr. Michelle Murray