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Dr. Michelle K. Murray, CEO of Nexus Family Healing and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, answers questions about family relations or mental health. Submit Your Question.


Picture of a wife seeming anxious, while her husband is in the background pleading to her.

My Husband Wants Me to Go to Therapy With Him, but I’m Scared. What Should I Do?

My husband has been seeing a therapist for a while. And now he wants me to attend his session with him. I’m scared to go because I know they’ve been talking about me and our relationship. It feels like I’ll be ganged up on since it’s his therapist. She will probably take his side on everything. Should I even go?
Sisters standing back to back.

How Do I Navigate a Difficult Relationship With My Sisters?

I am a 33-year female struggling with my relationships with my two older sisters. To do this day my sisters continue to make up lies about me and spread them around to the family and/or on social media. ​​​​​​​How do I deal with my sisters going forward and should I have called the police after the physical event in the car?
Picture of a woman looking at her body in the mirror.

How Do I Help My Wife With Her Insecurities?

My wife complains about how she looks - her hair, her weight, her nose - all the time and I'm not sure how to respond. I think she's beautiful! And I tell her this, but it doesn't seem to sink in. I worry all this negative talk is harmful. And I'm tired of hearing it. I love her - what can I do to reassure her?
friends online

My 13-Year-Old Says Making Friends Is Easier Online

My 13-year-old son (soon to be 14) is having a hard time maintaining friendships. As a result, he tells his dad and me that he is lonely and then moves to “online friends,” which are really people he doesn’t know. He says that when he goes online, he can be who he wants and can just tell them the good stuff. Any suggestions on how to cultivate friendships with kids he has actually met through baseball, school, etc.?
Picture of a man sitting on a couch with a worried look on his face.

If I Go to Therapy, Will My Therapist Judge Me?

I’m embarrassed to admit this but I’m nervous to see a therapist. I worry what they might be thinking about me! Will they think I’m the worst case ever? Can I really share everything? I'm scared to share my true thoughts and feelings because I think I’ll be judged.
Picture of someone sitting on the couch stressed with his head in his hands

How Do I Stop Blaming Myself for a Loved One’s Death?

I feel like I have caused two deaths - my sister who overdosed on heroin and my best friend who took his own life. For my sister, I just feel I could have been there for her more and been a better brother. With my friend, we went out drinking one night and both got very drunk. I dropped him off, he got in a physical fight with his girlfriend and then he took his life. I feel like I shouldn’t have invited my friend to drink and should have recognized the state he was in. How do I stop blaming myself?
Picture of a woman scrolling through her phone with a worried look on her face

How Can I Stop the Constant Worry and Just Enjoy My Life?

I can't stop worrying. Little things, big things, everything! How can I stop the constant worry and just enjoy my life?
Picture of a father helping his daughter with homework.

My Daughter Is Failing Her Classes – How Can We Help Change Her Behavior?

My 7th grade daughter has failing grades in several classes. This has been a problem for several years. We have taken her phone away many times, and while that does persuade her to complete her homework, it does not last, and the bad grades continue. It’s a constant battle. What can we do to help her manage herself and change this behavior for good?
A Mother Who Is Worn Out

My Family Is Struggling

My family has been struggling as my husband lost his job due to COVID, my daughter has been acting out, and I feel like I am going to lose it. We have never been to family therapy, but do you think it would help?
Picture of a husband and wife arguing with the mother-in-law.

My Mother-in-Law Is Critical of Me. How Do I Get Support From My Husband?

My mother-in-law is very critical, and she makes negative comments about things I say or do, and this really bothers me. My husband is aware and even though he agrees that she is inappropriate, he never sticks up for me or says anything to stop it. It makes family events very uncomfortable. What can I do to encourage my husband to come to my defense?