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Authored by Nexus Family Healing on February 28, 2023

We started the Dear Dr. Michelle advice column at the height of COVID as an additional way to provide free, accessible help to those who may need it while navigating our new environment. As we transition back to pre-pandemic days, our Dear Dr. Michelle column is coming to a close.

As a final hurrah, we wanted to share a list of our top ten most visited advice articles over the past two and half years.

  1. My 4-Year-Old's Aggression is Getting Worse 
  2. My Adult Child Does Not Take Care of Her Hygiene 
  3. My Grandmother Passed Away from COVID
  4. My Sister’s Lies Have Torn My Family Apart 
  5. I’m Having a Hard Time Accepting That My Daughter Is a Lesbian 
  6. My Child Cannot Handle Being Wrong
  7. My Significant Other and I Have Different Religious Beliefs
  8. How Can I Move On From My Abusive Ex and Not Be Scared Anymore? 
  9. I Feel Responsible for My Brother's Suicide
  10. My Friend Died by Suicide. Is There Any Way I Could Get Through This Pain?

Rest assured, all of the great Dear Dr. Michelle content from isn’t going anywhere! We encourage you to access all past posts in our Resource Library. We also invite you to follow our weekly Nexus Family Matters blog where you can hear from Nexus experts on addressing many similar topics that may be of interest to you and your family.

Dear Dr. Michelle blog posts are informational in nature.  The posts are not meant to take the place of consulting your physician, mental health professional, or other qualified health providers regarding your well-being or the well-being of others. Submitting a question does not establish a client/therapist relationship.

Dr. Michelle Murray