fbpx How Do We Help Our Son With His Aggressive Behavior?
Authored by Dr. Michelle Murray on January 31, 2023

Dear Dr. Michelle

My four-year old is developmentally delayed and has had some aggressive behaviors in the past. We have him in a public special needs school, where the teachers tell us he is doing fine. But in the afternoons, he's in aftercare at a different place and after some repeated events like hitting children he has been asked to leave. In the last month his behavior has even included me and his father. We give him the requisite timeouts and have used all the methods given to us by professionals to keep him as calm as possible, helping him to count and breathe...but he's too out of it when he gets into an aggressive state to employ any of these skills. We've been told by professionals that he might be on the spectrum, but his current behavior is an abrupt departure from the past because it's very frequent and the sessions are longer too. Although we already did so, we plan on getting him tested again for bipolar personality disorder, and autism. We are in a crisis. What can we do? Can the ER help? Are there medications?

Dear Paula

Dr. Michelle K. Murray sits down with Marketing Manager Tera Girardin to answer your question via video! She first acknowledges that it won't be a fast or easy journey, but to be persistent in your techniques and make sure to get thorough testing for your son. See Dr. Michelle's full response below:

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Dr. Michelle Murray