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Authored by Dr. Michelle Murray on July 6, 2021

Dear Dr. Michelle:

We are looking for help to address the trauma our family has gone through. We have four special needs kids and one recently went to a treatment facility. While she is in a place to heal, we want to find help for the rest of the family. In-home help would be best for our kids as they are all autistic and fetal alcohol syndrome, plus learning disabilities. We live in Missouri. Please help.


Dear Michele:

It sounds like your family is struggling with many specific needs. I am glad to hear that one of your daughters is getting more intensive treatment in a facility. This type of intervention should help your family support her going forward. Now that you daughter is getting the help she needs, it is good that you are turning your attention to the needs of your other children.

In-home therapy is an appropriate option for you to consider. Many in-home mental and behavioral health services offer individual therapy, family therapy, and skills development for children.

I am going to share with you some resources that can help you find providers who offer in-home therapy. Every state is different in terms of services that are offered so be sure to look at information specific to your state.

Additional Resources

  • Online Search: Some phrases to use when conducting an online search would include: “mental health in-home therapy” “behavioral health in-home therapy for children,” “wrap-around services,” “family home-based services.” Be sure to read reviews and to seek out references.
  • State Department: Check out your state department of mental health and within the website look for behavioral health or community mental health information.
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) - NAMI is another great resource to find treatment providers and local mental health events. They have a chapter in each state. 

You may also want to ask the facility where your daughter is receiving treatment for a list of providers that offer in-home therapy. The facility may have such services themselves, but if not, they likely will be able to recommend a few providers. I hope that these various resources will help you find a few treatment options for your family.

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