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Father talking to son

Using the 5 Senses to Support Your Child’s Mental Health

There are many ways children tell us how they feel and it is not always through words. As we enter another school year, parents, caregivers, teachers, and others need to be aware of the different ways children communicate. One way to “hear” what a child is nonverbally communicating is by analyzing the five senses: sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.
Bored Children sitting on a couch. Teenage boy is holding a TV remote, laying on the couch, while a younger girl is laying upside down on the couch (legs on the backrest) looking at a mobile phone.

Busting Your Child’s Summer Boredom

For parents of school-aged children, the phrase “I’m bored” can crop up in the middle of summer. Trying to fill your child’s time may add stress or anxiety to your already busy schedule. Check out these four tips on how to help bridge your child's boredom.

Emerging from Her Past Shadows

Araya's journey was a labyrinth of tumultuous emotions before she entered the embracing arms of Nexus-Gerard Family Healing. At the pivotal age of 15, she felt adrift in a sea of despair, her life losing its meaning. Having to move from foster home to foster home as well as several hospitalizations due to self-harm and suicide attempts, added to her ordeal.
An adult Black male crouching and holding hands with a young Black boy.

Starting Conversations: Men’s Mental Health

June is Men’s Mental Health Month, which provides an important opportunity to shine a light on a critical issue that often goes unaddressed in today’s world, the alarming global rate of suicide among men, underscoring the urgent need for increased awareness and support for men's mental health.
lgbtq youth

Creating a Safe Place for LGBTQ Youth

At Nexus Family Healing, we know that how we treat those who are different from us is incredibly important. When diversity is valued, our uniqueness is recognized, including differences in our gender identities and sexual orientation. These play an important role in everyone’s lives, and those who identify as LGBTQ face unique challenges regarding mental health.
Black young boy hanging on the back of his father. Both father and son are smiling.

The Importance of Fathers and Their Mental Health

Research shows that fathers play a critical role in their children's lives. Strong father involvement increases academic performance, social competence, and better peer relationships. Men and fathers are not immune from their own challenges, including high rates of depression, suicide, and chemical abuse as they age. And men are far less likely to seek mental health services than women. As we strive to be good fathers and positive role models to our children, remember that what we do matters as our children look to us to determine their own sense of self.
Mental Health Symptoms in Men and Women

Mental Health Symptoms in Men and Women

Men and women experience mental health illnesses differently. Use this chart to help identify and understand symptoms and behaviors you or someone you know may be experiencing.
New playground at Nexus-Gerard Family Healing

Investing in Positive Experiences

A recent grant from the Thielen Foundation funded some major improvements at Nexus-Gerard Family Healing, such as refurbishing their baseball field and recreation room, and adding a new playground. This grant also provided Nexus-Gerard the ability to create and support a new Recreational Coordinator position. This position plays an integral role in creating a fun, connected environment for the youth at Nexus–Gerard, planning both on- and off-campus activities.
A group of children racing/sprinting.

Maintaining Children’s Mental Health During Summer

When trying to work out a summer schedule that also helps maintain your child’s mental health, remember that less is often more. It’s important to find a balance between providing some structure to children’s time, but not making it so structured that they can’t properly rest and find themselves more stressed.