fbpx The Elements of Wellbeing
Authored by Nexus Family Healing on May 8, 2020

We all share the same fundamental needs to wellbeing regardless of who we are. These five universal needs are equally important and interconnected and if one need is lacking or having a negative impact on another, our wellbeing is out of whack.

The five needs – Safety, Belonging, Mastery, Independence and Generosity - can be experienced differently by each of us, based on our demographics, life experiences, history, values and more. Learning about what leads to wellbeing, and getting the support you need to build on it, can help you to make meaningful, lasting change in your life.

Matthew Talmadge, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor at Nexus-Gerard, walks us through these five needs in a short two-minute video.  Which areas are you thriving in and which may need some assistance?

Mental health therapists can help clients with identifying needs that aren’t being met in healthy ways and aid in finding a new, healthier approach. This often leads to people learning, growing, and feeling better. If you are interested in mental health services, learn about our behavioral and mental health therapy. 


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