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Are you a student looking for a valuable and personally rewarding opportunity to further your education and training in human services, social work, counseling, mental health therapy, or clinical leadership? If yes, our internship program may be a great fit for you!

Our staff develops, fosters, and supports students in meeting their academic (undergraduate and graduate level) requirements through practical hands-on experience. The primary focus of the internship is on-the-job training and taking what is learned in the classroom and applying it to the real world and it can be used for class credit. Our clinical supervisors will help ensure an intern’s learning and licensure requirements are on track. Upon completion of required programs, you could be considered for a permanent opportunity on our Nexus Family Healing team!

Our internships typically range from one quarter to one year in duration. General responsibilities and duties will vary depending on the types of services and programs offered at each individual Nexus Family Healing agency location. 

Is A Nexus Family Internship Right for You?

Our interns shadow and train in a variety of different roles. They learn about youth and family social work, early-childhood treatment, intensive in-home treatment, facilitating client resources, therapeutic assessment and stabilization, family therapy, and tracking and evaluating treatment outcomes. We also have interns who support our administrative and operations teams, too!

Take a look at the experiences of some of our interns! Click on each photo to download their profile spotlight.

Priscilla D. - Clinical Therapist Intern


Angel M Day in the Life Intern Spotlight

Tara H Day in the Life of an Intern

Kelcie P. - Therapist Intern

Headshot photo of Mandee W. Social Work Intern for Nexus Family Healing.

Jacob M Day in the Life of an Intern



Interested in becoming an intern at Nexus Family Healing?

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If you would like to contact us regarding the accessibility of our website or need assistance completing the application process, please contact the HR Department at the main phone number of the location to which you’re applying or email PLY-hr@nexusfamilyhealing.org.