fbpx How Do I Stop Comparing Myself to Others?
Authored by Dr. Michelle Murray on December 6, 2022

Dear Dr. Michelle

I don’t know how to describe this, but I have a constant sense of trying to keep up. I worry that what I’m doing isn’t good enough. I compare myself and my life to others and what other people have. I just feel so behind on life. Do you have any ideas on how to combat this? It’s so draining. I just want to be happy.

Dear Erin

Dr. Michelle K. Murray sits down with Marketing Manager Tera Girardin to answer your question! Dr. Michelle shares that comparing ourselves to others is very common! She adds the comparison doesn't come from others but from yourself, so you should start comparing yourself to you by reflecting on where you feel behind and where you want to be. Watch Dr. Michelle's full response in the video below.

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Dr. Michelle Murray