fbpx How Can I Feel Connected With My Co-Workers When I Work Remote?
Authored by Dr. Michelle Murray on December 28, 2021
Dear Dr. Michelle:

I started a new job 18 months ago. Our team works remotely and that’s new for me. In the past, I’ve always gone into an office. I am really struggling to build relationships with my co-workers without having that in-person interaction. Since I started, I have felt disconnected and it’s bothering me. I have never felt that way about my work or my coworkers. What do I do to make this better?



Dear Carter:

Jaelyn Arndt sits down with Dr. Michelle K. Murray to answer your question via video this week!

Dr. Michelle K. Murray provides us tips on how to feel connected with your co-workers by talking with your supervisor, participating in online happy hours, and more!  

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