fbpx How Do I Better Manage My Time Around the Holidays?
Authored by Dr. Michelle Murray on November 16, 2021
Dear Dr. Michelle:

With the holidays coming up I tend to run myself thin. I do it every year! I end up with a packed calendar and I tend to go overboard with everything because I want the holidays to be special for everyone. At the same time my husband's workload picks up so I end up doing more around the house and more with the kids. I can already feel the anxiety and exhaustion coming. How do I better manage all of this? 



Dear Alicia:

Jaelyn Arndt sits down with Dr. Michelle K. Murray to answer your question via video this week!

Dr. Michelle K. Murray guides us through how to pick our top priorities and communicate these to our friends and family during the holiday season. 

Check out the full conversation in the video below.



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