fbpx I Am Trying to Get Excited about New Goals
Authored by Dr. Michelle Murray on January 19, 2021
Dear Dr. Michelle:

It's the new year, I'm trying to get excited about new goals, but 2020 has left me worn out. How do I get out of this slump and move on? 


Dear Julie:

Jaelyn Arndt sits down with Dr. Michelle K. Murray to answer your question via video this week! As you prepare for new year resolutions this year, Dr. Michelle reminds you that you are not the only one who feels in a slump: 

  • This is a completely normal feeling.
  • We are all carrying a lot of weight from the previous year with the pandemic and political unrest.

She then advises us to first be kind to ourselves when setting new year resolutions as we might not quite be ready to set new goals but instead expand on our goals we accomplished last year. Finally, Dr. Michelle K. Murray shares tips on how to prepare for new goals, stating you will know when you are ready. They will come natural to you and you will have the drive and motivation to accomplish something new.

Check out the full conversation in the video below.

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