fbpx If I Go to Therapy, Will My Therapist Judge Me?
Authored by Nexus Family Healing on May 31, 2022
Dear Dr. Michelle:

I’m embarrassed to admit this but I’m nervous to see a therapist. I worry what they might be thinking about me! Will they think I’m the worst case ever? Can I really share everything? I'm scared to share my true thoughts and feelings because I think I’ll be judged.


Dear Marcus:

Tera Girardin is back with our guest Luke Spiegelhoff, Clinical Director at Nexus-FACTS,  to answer your question via video this week!

Feeling anxious about what your therapist might think of you is very common.  Luckily, Luke is here to ease your mind and offer ways to make a therapy session less overwhelming.

Check out the full conversation in the video below.

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Dr. Michelle Murray