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Dr. Michelle K. Murray, CEO of Nexus Family Healing and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, answers questions about family relations or mental health. Submit Your Question.



What If My Daughter's Treated Differently Because of Anxiety?

There is still so much stigma around mental health and my daughter has been diagnosed with anxiety. How can I help support her and protect her from teachers, friends and family members treating her differently?
school uncertainty

How Do We Manage the Uncertainty of the New School Year?

Our family and other parents in our circle are growing more and more concerned about the ongoing changes with the upcoming school year. Can you provide tips on managing the unknown, like dealing with a lack of set schedules and how to know the right amount of daily structure to provide our children? How do we make up for their lack of social interaction opportunities while keeping their screen time at a minimum?
therapist needed

How Do I Find a Therapist for My Child?

I was told that I should get my child into therapy to deal with his hyperactivity. How do I find a good therapist and then how do I know if the therapist is any good?
depressed son

Our Son Is Depressed But Doesn't Act Like It

We have visited our doctor for a few regular check-ups and she is telling us that our son has depression. He does not seem sad and he is not crying all the time like we would expect if he really was depressed. Why would she think he has depression?
Child Depression Suicide

I'm Worried My Daughter Is Suicidal

I found a comment on my daughter’s social media having to do with feeling hopeless and not wanting to be around anymore. I am worried about her but do not want to make it a big deal if it’s not. What should I do?
Child agressive

My 4-Year-Old's Aggression Is Getting Worse

My 4-year-old is really aggressive, and it seems to be getting worse. Other parents do not want him around their children, and before we were all staying at home because of the pandemic, I was getting complaints from daycare. What should I do?

Should We Tell Our Daughter She Is Adopted?

Our daughter was adopted and we don’t know if we should tell her. If we do tell her, we don’t know when to tell her.