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Dr. Michelle K. Murray, CEO of Nexus Family Healing and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, answers questions about family relations or mental health. Submit Your Question.


Women on the phone

How Do I Set a Boundary With a Friend Who Is Taking Advantage of Me?

Lately, I have been feeling that one of my friends is taking advantage of me. Every time she calls it is always about her. I don't mind being an ear to listen but it is starting to get exhausting. I am also going through some big life changes but she never asks how I am doing. I am not sure how to set this boundary or even bring it up to her. I don't think she even realizes she is doing it. Where should I go from here?
Parent Coaching Support

What Is Parent Coaching and How Does It Work?

I am a state human service employee, currently working with parents who I believe need one-on-one coaching. There are parenting classes offered through some of our state programs, but I think the parents need more one-on-one help on how to positively engage and encourage their children. The idea of coaching came to my mind. I didn’t know that such a profession existed until I started researching online. Can you explain more about this type of service, when to use it, and how to access?
Women stressed about the holidays

How Do I Better Manage My Time Around the Holidays?

With the holidays coming up I tend to run myself thin. I do it every year! I end up with a packed calendar and I tend to go overboard with everything because I want the holidays to be special for everyone. At the same time my husband's workload picks up so I end up doing more around the house and more with the kids. I can already feel the anxiety and exhaustion coming. How do I better manage all of this? 
Stressed Teenage boy

How Can We Best Support Our Teenager Who Is Struggling With Behavioral Health Issues?

We are looking at options to help our 15-year-old son who has many continuous problems. He is stealing, lying, and cheating. He had violent outbursts when he’s confronted. He self-harms, has inappropriate sexual behaviors, fights, lack of empathy and more. What is our best solution for these behaviors?
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Handling the Holidays

As we enter into the busy season of the holidays, it is more important than ever to practice self-care. I often receive questions this time of year from individuals who are stressed or feeling depressed. My advice is to stay in tune with your feelings and focus on positive actions that support your mental health
Nervous woman

How Can I Move On From My Abusive Ex and Not Be Scared Anymore?

I just left my boyfriend after 5 years because he was being physically abusive. I have a restraining order in place, but I am scared because I know we still live in the same city and I fear I might run into him or he may still try to hurt me. I find myself just wanting to stay in my apartment and hardly go anywhere. How can I move on and not be so scared?
A child who struggles with social anxiety

How Can I Best Support My Child Who Struggles With Social Anxiety?

My eight-year-old child has had a rocky start to the school year. She struggles with social anxiety and it seems to be getting worse. She just lacks confidence, is concerned that others will make fun of her and I can tell she dreads going into school in the morning.
Mother disciplining child

Is Spanking Children an Effective Consequence?

I would like information about how to discipline my children. I was spanked as a child and I have mixed feelings about it. I find that I am starting to spank my children and while it sometimes stops their behavior, they just do the same bad thing next time. My friends tell me that spanking doesn’t work, and they don’t think I should be doing it. My parents think it is important to be strict so that my children learn the right behavior. Is it okay to spank your child?
A women staring out the window watching the rain

How Do I Navigate Seasonal Depression?

Every year I dread the start of fall. With the sun not being out as long I start to feel unmotivated, sleepy, and sluggish.  I know I suffer from seasonal depression, but I’ve tried a few of the usual things like the light lamps but what else can I do?
Hopeless Mother

What Kind of Treatment Do You Recommend for Someone Who Has Depression, Panic, and Anxiety Issues?

My daughter is a 35-year-old, college graduate. She is very smart and intelligent. During her undergrad, she suffered from depression and it continues today. She has been treated by many psychiatrists doctors. First, she was diagnosed only with depression, then she was diagnosed with major depression, panic, and anxiety issues. Please advise me where to go from here? Is any treatment can help her? I am desperate to find some treatment for her.