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Dr. Michelle K. Murray, CEO of Nexus Family Healing and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, answers questions about family relations or mental health. Submit Your Question.



I Am Questioning My Own Importance

I’m starting to question my importance. I feel like I’ve lived my life without love and nobody, not even my family, sees me as an important being. How do I deal with this?
Stubborn Child

My Child Cannot Handle Being Wrong

Our 12-year-old son has a hard time admitting his mistakes and if we try to point things out to him, it can sometimes lead to a meltdown. He has been like this since he was very young. He also struggles with not apologizing when he does do something wrong. Should we be worried about this or is there something we should do?
Mother helping son with school

My Son Is Struggling with Online School

My son is in the 5th grade and I am really starting to worry about his school performance. Since online learning started, I’ve noticed he repeatedly misinterprets directions and isn’t passing his tests or completing assignments correctly.
Family discussions at the dinner table

Political Discussions with Your Family

My family is split when it comes to political views. With the holidays coming up, how do we have these discussions without ending up in a fight?
Depressed man holding his head in his hands

I Think I Am Depressed

Clinical depression is chronic and happens frequently, over a long period of time. Dr. Michelle K. Murray provides resources that will help provide you the support that you need.
Mother talking to daughter

Lending Money to My Daughter

I loaned my daughter a significant amount of money because she lost her job but now she is back on feet and she has not made any attempt to pay me back.
Stormy Clouds

I Blame Myself for My Best Friend's Suicide

My friend hung himself 15 years ago and I still blame myself. Every day I feel like I’m just going through the motions and can’t seem to feel excited about anything.
I Am Afraid My Wife Is Having an Affair

I Am Afraid My Wife Is Having an Affair

My wife and I have become distance over the last several years. I am afraid that she is having an affair. How can I get her to talk to me and go to therapy?
Father Talking to Son

My Son Is Out of Control

Our 14-year-old son is out of control. He is very aggressive toward family members and we fear for our safety. We have tried family therapy and we have had counselors come to our home and work with him. It helps for a little while and then his aggression returns. We are thinking about having him placed in a residential treatment program. Is this the right decision and how do we go about getting him admitted?
Couple arguing in front of children.

My Girlfriend Wants Her Kids to Call Me Dad

My girlfriend and I just moved in together after dating for about 2 years. She has a 13-year-old son and a 10-year-old daughter who live with us full time. They are great kids and we get along really well, but my girlfriend is pressuring the kids to call me dad and I don’t think that’s a good idea. She also expects me to discipline them when she gets upset and I don’t think that’s my role. Am I wrong about this?